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I was pretty bummed about the no pools thing, but I'm still really excited about the game. Also, kudos for the Simplicity pun.

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@arbitrarywater: You are definitely not wrong. If it is Dan, I think he'd be a great fit. Love the videos with his dad, and his dumb humor would fit in for sure. I fell off watching replay but I watched it consitently for a while.

I do agree that I would love to see some more diversity on the site. But who knows, there's also a video producer position (which as we know includes lots of screen time if it follows drew and vinny's examples). Also I hope Patrick does get funding to bring some guest writers/editors for videos and articles so people like zoe quinn, cara ellison, and others can get content here. In the end I'm just excited to see the expansion plans actually happening!

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@kentonclay: Damn you! Now it's all sad.

I'm excited for the possibilities though. Change was a long time coming, and this seems like the smartest solution for Giant Bomb. Imagine Bombin' the AM with Scoops, the Wolf, and Vin-Dawg.

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Ever since college I've been a long distance runner, but during college I got off of where I really wanted to be fitness-wise (both to stay in shape and because I genuinely enjoy it) so for the past month or so I've been working really hard to get back into shape. First 5k in a long time planned for June 14th! The goal eventually is to complete a half-marathon at some point this year. Also, working out is helping to prevent me from spending too much of my life in spelunky...

Is there a like fitocracy or whatever group for giantbomb duders?

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Putnam Valley, NY, USA

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Yeah it was the first episodes of the Persona 4 endurance run, which had been uploaded to youtube by a lets player I watched. Soon I was listening to the bomcast every week. I also think the "it's a website" video was the one that really sold me on the site in general and not just P4. It was so rediculous. It's a video game website... about video games!

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I respect your opinion, I just personally have really been enjoying a lot of the content they have been putting up, particularly the UPFs. I also religiously watched spelunkin' with scoops (and binding of patrick close to that) and I love the worth reading articles because its an easy way to get directed towards other great games writing. I don't know. I'm excited to see who they end up hiring and how the site grows. I understand where you're coming from, even if I don't fully agree. I do think the site is in desperate need of one or two new voices in the main office, as they've talked about.

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77.65 million

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And that was E3.

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I mean, I feel like if he's working with dave and they were bringing in dave for the unplugged bits, I can only hope that means it will still be able to happen every once in a while.