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Maybe ones for the Giant Bomb Sports Team and Giant Bomb Flight Club? And maybe something from Bioforge, perhaps the main character, or a flute, a fork., or something.

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A Vinco emoticon would be amazing, and quite useful.

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This is the best. The gif is especially great!

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Like many people have said, the Miyazaki movies is probably the best place to start. Rurouni kenshin and Full Metal Alchemist are also really great places to start. If you get past those, Code Geass is pretty great. So is Persona 4 the Animation. Subs generally tend to be better, but they can be pretty intense when you're just jumping in. A number of the Miyazaki movies have great dubs, especially Howl's Moving Castle, and Code Geass also has a pretty great Dub. Everyone's experience is different, but for someone who doesn't speak Japanese, starting with dubs helped me get into Anime.

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I wouldn't want Brad to go anywhere, even if sleepy brad is sleepy (probably just producing content for the sleepy brad tumblr). That being said, I would love if they added Rorie to the podcast crew, he has a lot of random tangents to add, and those are the best parts of the bombcast, when they get lost on weird tagents.

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Nothing beats tacos. Nothing. Well, maybe if french fries were involved. But besides that, nothing!

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For me, the premium content is still well worth my time and money? A lot of that has to do with the fact that I do enjoy watching DOTA stuff. I agree that I'm kinda wanting for more and different premium stuff. Especially something that is weekly. The site really feels like they're in a huge transitional period, and I've stuck through for the past couple times it's been like that, so I'm gonna keep going. Totally understand that thought though!

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@arbitrarywater: I feel ya. I realize now it's a pretty awful and broken game, but I spent unhealthy amounts of time playing it when I was little. And yeah. Oh boy. That camera.

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This is pretty great, if anything I would absolutely fund this shirt (and by fund... I mean purchase).