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Nothing beats tacos. Nothing. Well, maybe if french fries were involved. But besides that, nothing!

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For me, the premium content is still well worth my time and money? A lot of that has to do with the fact that I do enjoy watching DOTA stuff. I agree that I'm kinda wanting for more and different premium stuff. Especially something that is weekly. The site really feels like they're in a huge transitional period, and I've stuck through for the past couple times it's been like that, so I'm gonna keep going. Totally understand that thought though!

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@arbitrarywater: I feel ya. I realize now it's a pretty awful and broken game, but I spent unhealthy amounts of time playing it when I was little. And yeah. Oh boy. That camera.

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This is pretty great, if anything I would absolutely fund this shirt (and by fund... I mean purchase).

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Rest in piece, Ryan. I am so sad, we will all miss your presence on the site. Giantbomb has always been special and awesome because it wasn't just a games site, it was a home, a place for cool people to come together. Without Ryan, I doubt we would have the community we have here today. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and all the giantbomb folks. We'll miss you, duder.

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For me, the trust issue goes beyond my consumer experience with steam. The rhetoric of Microsoft as they've unveiled their new system has been one of control, attempting to turn the box into more of a service than a product (which I recognize they've been moving towards for a while now). And also their message has been confusing and clearly written by lawyers and marketing execs. It sounds confused, unsure, and untrustworthy. That definitely could change as things go forward, but as it stands right now that's their message. Everything that I've encountered with steam in my experience has been pretty straight-forward, though that's just my experience. I think that difference is why everyone is already wary of Xbox One, and I think for good reason.

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As long as they would add people with care, which they clearly would do, I could get used to it. The community has been able to get used to the huge changes the sit has gone through over the years, and it'd probs still be giantbomb if someone had to be replaced. So definitely not ruling anything out. Greg Kasavin is busy at Supergiant games, but if they replaced a core member with someone like Greg, I would be happy.

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Super excited to have Rorie back with the giantbomb folks, but gosh. Good luck to you and your family Dave! We will miss you, Duder!

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I cry during a LOT of movies, it is kind of a problem. The one I cried the most recently, and I feel the most deservedly, was during The Descendants. That movie just tears at your heartstrings.