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justwannaplayvideogames... yahurr?

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I hope we do get to see what they're working on, I can't wait to see what's coming from them.

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@bchampnd: While I agree that not everyone has tablets or smart phones, enough people do to make it worth it. The audience that Microsoft is shooting for has an ipad, has an iphone. My family, whose gameplaying experience includes the Wii and that's it, they have an Xbox now. And my father is constantly using his iphone, and my mother loves it as well. They know how to use an ipad, there's no learning involved, and they don't have to buy anything. WiiU gamepads might be better on the WiiU, but the fact that they would have to buy a whole new system might make the difference. But your point is taken, It all comes down to implementation. Can't wait to see the WiiU being used in actual games.

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I'm definitely even more interested in the game than I was before. The only thing I really want to see more of though is of the exploration/openworld element of the game, if they are actually going to pull through with a survival aspect of the game.

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I definitely was pleasantly surprised. I thought there was going to be even less stuff in the press conference game-wise than there was. But The Tomb Raider footage was cool, Black Ops II looked ok. And am I think only one who wants to know wtf the "Matter" game is. I'm personally excited for 24 hour live ESPN, and NHL. I missed a lot of the season this year of hockey because of my limited access to games that I care about. But I do agree that the conference was pretty bland overall.

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Never played any final fantasy games. I've come really close to going out and playing one of 'em but never have done so.

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@Marcsman: I hope so. I tried using the horse for like 5 hours recently, but it just kept getting in the way and agroing wolves. Unlike when Lydia dies, when my horse died I kinda went *shrug* and didn't reload.

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@SockemJetpack: That would probably also solve the water glitch. XD

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When I was watching the dawnguard trailer, the guy attacking from horseback was the most exciting moment for me. XD

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I was going to create a dark elf character as my second character but I didn't exactly because of that question. I'm not sure if I would join the stormcloaks in that situation, but there's something to be said about changing a movement from the inside, which I guess could be a motivation.