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Super excited to have Rorie back with the giantbomb folks, but gosh. Good luck to you and your family Dave! We will miss you, Duder!

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I cry during a LOT of movies, it is kind of a problem. The one I cried the most recently, and I feel the most deservedly, was during The Descendants. That movie just tears at your heartstrings.

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For the first time I didn't buy anything, mostly because I bought the full THQ humble bundle and therefore had a bunch of games to play out of that, like Saint's Row the Third which I haven't gotten to play yet.

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I honestly do hope that Persona 5 includes some person 4 characters to some extent, those characters are why I fell in love with the game and I think there are more stories to tell about charlie and the Investigation team, if with a whole bunch of new characters. I'd feel kinda let down if all that was left to dry. That being said, a whole new separate story would not be the worst thing.

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As I play more Persona 4 and watch the endurance run another time through, two thoughts have run through my mind. The later parts of that game (before the ending endings) put the main character and party through some pretty crazy stuff. It is pretty impressive how the game handles and delivers those things, even if you do have to slog through a pretty annoying dungeon to get there. That being said, something about those later parts has been bothering me. Never once does the main character ever contact his parents. Through everything, it is barely mentioned, except by Dojima ever once in a while and in that case usually in the past-tense. I understand why this is from the perspective of the restrictions on development and storytelling in the medium, that it probably makes the game better or in the very least does not really take away from the experience at all. That being said, from the perspective of the story it is weird. A game that telegraphs everything you are thinking never talks of missing your parents. While the game takes multiple opportunities to ask you if you miss your “city life,” but I cannot remember them asking about if you miss your family. Nanako and Dojima end up being some of the best family he could have asked for, but when they both end up in the hospital because of a deranged serial killer, leaving the main character largely on his own, wouldn’t that have warranted a call?

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This community produces some amazing stuff, but even in comparison this stuff is freakin' incredible. Great work!

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justwannaplayvideogames... yahurr?

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I hope we do get to see what they're working on, I can't wait to see what's coming from them.

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@bchampnd: While I agree that not everyone has tablets or smart phones, enough people do to make it worth it. The audience that Microsoft is shooting for has an ipad, has an iphone. My family, whose gameplaying experience includes the Wii and that's it, they have an Xbox now. And my father is constantly using his iphone, and my mother loves it as well. They know how to use an ipad, there's no learning involved, and they don't have to buy anything. WiiU gamepads might be better on the WiiU, but the fact that they would have to buy a whole new system might make the difference. But your point is taken, It all comes down to implementation. Can't wait to see the WiiU being used in actual games.

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I'm definitely even more interested in the game than I was before. The only thing I really want to see more of though is of the exploration/openworld element of the game, if they are actually going to pull through with a survival aspect of the game.