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No.... Why would you want more of the same? Regardless of the quality of the first thing that you're copying? Don't you want as much variety as possible? I loved Gta IV, but i see no reason why you would want another franchise to be more like it.

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Nope. See no reason to. Since you created the poll, i'm gonna say you do?

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@h83r said:
Yeah, I suppose. That's the obvious answer for any game, really. I just like to think that that's not the case, most of the time. Gives me a false sense of hope that video games aren't just business, you know?
They aren't just business. There are developers and people who make games, who love what they do and put a lot of care in to their products and want them to be good. It's just that several ranks above those people is usually a suit wanting some more money. It's unfortunate, but that's the way of the world.
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I was gonna say money, but two people already did. It's simple, dude, it's a business, just like any other business.

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@Red12b said:
  Because you've played the game right? You wouldn't say this unless you've played the game, how else would you know?! I bet you don't make assumptions, you wouldn't do that would you, Nope never! "
Just wanted to check, you know he was making a joke right....? As in the fall of reach?
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I see no reason why i would do that, unless it got really freakishly hairy in one of those places, but i have a pretty normal amount of hair in each of those areas. So.... No, i do not.

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Hate is a strong word. I really dislike people who abuse their power though and there are plenty of cops who do that. So i dislike those. And just the ones that give you attitude because they know you can't say anything back or you'll get a ticket or whatever. And i'm not talking about when you've comitted 3 murders in a row, i'm just talking about... jaywalking and they get all high and mighty on your ass. That can definetly frustrate me.
Edit: Oh, and the people that think you don't have anything to fear from the cops if you haven't done anthing "wrong" are incredibly ignorant.

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@DevWil said:
" serious question:  why post this instead of just not posting anything?  i have no investment in getting coverage of this game, just legitimately curious. "
Because it's Giant
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I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

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@Fragstoff said:

" @FlyingRat said:

" It's a game i like to call: "Sleeping"  "
that an MMO? "
Nope, strictly singleplayer. Sometimes Co-Op if my girlfriend's around.
Edit: That's not a sex joke by the way, i'm actually talking about sleeping.