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Spacebase, to me, was an experiment with a new business model in Double Fine's ever expanding search of ways of keeping afloat, which is what any good company should be doing instead of being complacent. They figured that the game would make X amount of dollars on Early Access, which would've successfully funded the game at their estimates. Then shit happened, as it always does in development. It probably wasn't a single thing that killed Spacebase, but a million cuts: higher than projected production costs, scope becoming too big, lower sales than expected from other games, lower sales in Early Access, misunderstanding of the extent of the game's completion within the consumer base leading to unfair negative buzz around the game (or, worse yet, no buzz), the wrong type of project to maintain interest on Early Access (which is clear now in our 20/20 hindsight), Broken Age taking up more of the company's resources than expected, etc. etc. etc.

If Spacebase had been developed in a traditional model, it would have just been a second game cancelled by Double Fine this year that no one got to see. It happens all the time.

I'm not saying people don't have the right to call them out for over-promising and under-performing, but I can understand 100% why Double Fine did everything they did with the project. it's unfortunate, but it happens.

Also on the "they should make a single project instead of multiple project" idea: Double Fine would be no more if they took that advice. Broken Age is already sucking more company resources than was expected. If they went all in on that game, for example, and it flopped, then they would be back where they were when Brutal Legend tanked.

Not putting all their eggs in one basket is how companies the size of Double Fine stay alive. Iron Galaxy, Capybara, Harmonix, TellTale, etc etc These once mid-size developers (or even AAA developers, in Harmonix's case) are surviving by making the most of their employees, by shifting them from team to team when each project is in different stages of production, by hitting a ton of different markets to see what sticks, by working with a wide variety of publishers on certain titles and developers as outsourcing work. This is the new face of the mid-size developer. You're never going to see Double Fine make a new Psychonauts or Harmonix make a new Rock Band unless some publisher gives them a massive budget that will cover the developer's ass if it doesn't sell well (for whatever reason).

Also, as an aside, Double Fine has been doing good work with their publishing side of their company. All the games they have been helping with have been fantastic and it's a great move to use their resource and fanbase to help much smaller indie devs (and themselves) find success. I don't know how much of a financial success it has been for them, but I think it's a great idea that will work out a lot better than Early Access for them.

A good question would be, why are they still taking money for Spacebase DF-9? I don't know in my eyes that's just stealing at this point, nowhere on Steam is it mentioned that it's put on hold (at least not on the first glance) and they are still having sales and what not. This all seems so wrong and sad it's beyond belief, it's like back in 90's people would be taking $20 bucks for shareware or demo version and never delivering the final product.

Also let's not cover our eyes, there's one or two man developer teams that deliver better, more polished games. It's time to size down for double fine if they can't sustain themselves and ride on peoples backs and their generosity for about 3 years now, or just disappear into obscurity, really, I wont shed tears, sad for the people who would need to look for jobs, but that's how the world works.

All that comes out of Tim are excuses over excuses.

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Aside from being a nuisance having to have 3 store front clients installed, and your library spread across them, I really don't get bothered with that much. Also when it comes to problems with the services, I have to admit that I have more problems with Steam as with the other two, but those are all minor and Steam works perfectly fine for the most part.

So yeah, whatever.

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Twitter, Facebook and similar stuff just needs to "die" and we'll have way less problems to worry bout. I face palm about 20 times a day just going through Twitter and what people post. There's always going to be stupidity but social sites like that just pop it in your face.

The internet was or at least seemed way more peaceful before all those sites existed.

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Well, expected.

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@gbrading said:

Piracy is and always remains theft. The developer in this instance, all credit to them, had the right to flip out at that guy, and their restraint is commendable. But piracy of games (and of films) not only damages video game developers but the players themselves. It makes publishers like Ubisoft create draconian-DRM systems; it makes their CEO say "93-5% of PC players are probably pirates" and it allows those who want to make closed, controlled systems such as the Xbox One and the PS4 all the more enticing. The "I'm poor" excuse doesn't wash, with the massive amount of free-to-play titles, and regular as clockwork sales where games are routinely sold for the cost of a sandwich.

I might even go so far as to say if you're a pirate, only logical to assume you hate video games, because you are doing absolutely nothing to support them and everything to harm them.

No system is safe from piracy, so that argument holds for maybe half a year until the hardware is hacked, and then it's the same as on the PC. Also Free to Play is a relatively new thing, back in the day there was no such thing, you had demos/shareware, nowdays you don't even get demos but you get 20 offers to pre-order and get special content based on weather you pre-order on Amazon, or Gamestop or Steam, no wonder people pirate the shit, because they want the full experience not miss out on shit just because they bought the game on the wrong retailer.

Also Free to Play hasn't lost anything in this debate, it's like saying Coke is water, no, Coke is Coke and water is water. Dota isn't Sonic Racing, and Sonic Racing isn't Quake Live.

Piracy is here to stay for those who want to take advantage of it. Whilst I agree that the Free to Play games are getting better and better and Dota 2 probably raked in a lot more profit as some other AAA games, simply with microtransaction, so I guess it's something to consider for all developers, especially if the demographic to whom they want to sell primarily isn't really able to support their hobby themselves and that's no excuse it's reality, most are at volition of their parents to give them money.

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Ah that stuff gets removed with proper cracks. The Batman thing where the game blocked your progress or crashed (can't remember) was "fixed" by a crack one day after it was found to be in the game, same with the Serious Sam scorpion thingy.

I admit, I pirated like a monster in the mid 90s, there was no online downloads ala Steam back then, and the closest store was 20km away and I had no driving license or money what so ever as a teenager, to afford games at the prices, it's not an excuse it's a fact and the truth. Never had any problems with any piracy protection, unrar, load the iso, install, copy the crack - boom, game ran perfectly.

Now, I click "buy" on Steam and I'm done, tho truth be told, I don't have much time for gaming anymore, so they don't get much from me.

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After investing into 5 sales or so, I realized this is just throwing money out the window :D because I haven't played half my library. I just buy the games I really want now while they are on sale or not.

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We'll see how this works out, if it means more game related content I'm super hyped, because I've noticed myself visiting less and less, due to nothing of my interest happening here. If I want to read about sexism, feminism and why there is no same sex marriages in Nintendo games, I would go an read the Verge.

I want game content, quick looks, reviews, endurance runs etc., and I would be happy with more then 2-3 a week, how bout 2-3 per day, etc., may be asking a lot, but that is how it was when I decided to get a sub, ever since you moved back to CBS the content is starving at least in my head it seems like that.

Cover more game genres, from MMOs to Simulations, not necessarily review them, but it would be nice to have a look at some every once in a while. I find myself getting more information about new and upcoming games by watching Twitch streams as from this site - and it seems every time I come here there's another political news story, which I don't care for in the slightest

Well as said, that might be all in my head.

As for Vinny, good luck with the move and settling, and to Vinny and Alex wish you all the best with the startup of the new offices.

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@uppercaseccc said:

I feel like the only person on the internet who does not get the Google + hate.

I'm with you, I don't see where the problem is, account like any other. Every damn site requires a login nowdays so where's the big problem. I have a google+ account and I haven't used it yet except for where google asks me for, like on my Nexus 5. I haven't even touched it yet, besides maybe the photo backup feature and gmail (which I had way before google+ existed).

As for the merger, we'll see how it turns out. As for the connection problems, I'm from Europe and never had any problems what so ever streaming 5 streams at once at "source" option, so can't really speak for that, no buffering, no breaks no nothing, works just fine 99% of the time. The chat however is broken at least 5 times in an hour :D

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@yukoasho said:

I'm not surprised that PEGI was more detailed in their answer. Considering all the descriptors they have, I'm surprised it wasn't longer. ESRB ratings always seemed more to the point and less bloated.

Fucking seriously, a "fear" descriptor? What's that even mean, that the game might have a few jump scares for the kiddies? What, so Luigi's Mansion has a 7 but would have been a 3 otherwise?

Anyway, it's great to see that neither ESRB nor PEGI have any distinction between heterosexual and homosexual content. I'd have liked to hear from OFLC (Australia's and New Zealand's) and am saddened that CERO didn't return your comment.

Don't underestimate fear of something, and while it's not something me and you consider worth mentioning there are people who would want to know if a game has scare elements and such.