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Here's the bulk <link> and <script> section from the http request:

I'm also getting errors trying to click the "Details" link on the inbound request information on that page as well, complaining that launchInboundLinkDetails is not defined

Is this an easy fix, or will it be awhile?
I can rig something with greasemonkey for myself if you could just tell me the URL for the necessary js file in the meantime.
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The URL I'm coming from is
UPDATE: I'm using Firefox 3.5 on Mac OSX 10.6

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Thanks for the tips guys.   I just pasted the license text into the details section.   Too bad I can't seem to update the "Can Other Authors Publish?" either either :/

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1. I've been having problems with the images too.  I had to wait like 30 seconds, and there was no real browser activity indicator but they eventually showed  up for me
are they both the same OS?  which one?

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I'm having trouble updating the license for my Guide.  I keep trying to set it to "by" but it keeps reverting to "custom" with no text description.  Furthermore, the link that says " Read the full license text at Creative Commons" always just links to ""
The page I'm on is ""