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I have a PS3 code, who wants.

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I just bought the PS3 digital version and found out it won't be available 'till 12:01 PST. I don't know if I can wait, I need sleep. Oh well, that dynamic theme is pretty sweet though.

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Wait, the internet and this "press" guy can shit-talk, but Phil can't? Fuck off.

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@Oldirtybearon: Awesome. Thanks for that.

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@Vod_Crack said:

@jonnyboy said:

I friggin love Hitman: Contracts.

Same here. I love how dark that game is and I would argue that Contracts has the best soundtrack.

Indeed, I especially remember loving the song that plays when you walk into the bar in the dock mission.

OP: I never played through Silent Assassin and I needed a reason to replay Contracts. So yes, I'm definitely picking this up. Also, we should let IO know we want more Hitman-ass-Hitman games by buying this.

Anyone know of any differences between the 360 and PS3 versions of this collection? I heard Blood Money on the PS3 disc might be an upscaled PS2 version, but that doesn't matter to me unless the achievements are different.

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If there were an HD collection Gearbox wouldn't do it. I'm with you though, I'd like a good reason to replay those first two. They're some of the most underappreciated games of last gen.

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This won't make me buy over 360 if it's a shitty port. But as it's been said, this is a good digital initiative.

All this stuff is making lean towards Sony next-gen