I made a Game Bomb shirt =P
















I was made aware by Diet Coke addict John Drake a few weeks prior to PAX that they were planning on doing a Gamebomb related prank at the Giant Bomb panel and maybe I could help out. That sounded like amazing fun so I whipped up this thing.

I sent the image to one Dave "Langzone" Lang and got this reply. It's in reverse order because that's how twitter DMs work. So, with literally less than two weeks left till PAX, Dave Lang decided to use an image to rush order shirts for his prank at the GB panel. Because he's THAT fucking crazy/awesome.

This is the first mock up we got from the printers. The shirts were designed to be placed on a red shirt because I think that's how communist Russia works but the printers informed us later on that they couldn't put it on RED because the colors weren't going into the fabric correctly. They were using a water based screening process rather than a plastic one and there's a whole nother story about the difference between the two. In any case, they ended up being printed on black for use at the panel. And boy... were they ever fucking used at that panel!

The shirts literally arrived the afternoon of the panel. The printing was cut THAT close >,< Lang used the site RealThread.com and they're located all the way across the country in freaking Florida. So. He rush ordered 100 shirts and had them express shipped all the way to Seattle... for a joke at a panel that's not even related to Iron Galaxy. He is THAT committed to putting on amazing jokes. The man is a fucking legend. Oh... and not to mention all the other madness those guys put together for this joke panel involving 1 good Russian accent, and about 4 bad ones from John Drake alone =P

So yea, he had a 100 shirts printed but you only see like 7 or so being worn... what happened to the rest? He just threw them into the audience =D

I've been to a few panels with shirts being handed out, but I've never seen people be this enthusiastic about free shirts. Of course, they were being handed out after an insane prank and also being distributed by a fucking bear but still, people looked hype to get these shirts =]

They are in three styles of shirt and in their original red glory =]

Yet another reason why PAX was super crazy cool this year~! I was bummed out that this panel wasn't being streamed live. I feel like the community reaction to the entire thing would've been absolutely nuts. Hopefully East... GLHF <>


PAX Prime 2014 in 101 Words

I'm stealing @marino 's format to describe what I can remember of PAX Prime 2014. We spent quite a lot of it doing the same stuff. You can find his here =]

"presented in (mostly) chronological order with little to no explanation or context:"

PAX as usual was a goddamn blast. Got to meet a ton of fantastic people inside and outside of the games industry and was a much needed burst of awesome following one of the worst months of online shittery in a long time. Thank you to everyone I met at the show new and old for making it an amazing experience! Also, it was super awesome to see so many of my shirts both old and new and secret being worn all about the show~ Unsure whether I'll make it out to East this next time around, but I'll definitely be at Prime again next year!



I made a silly color blind related shirt

I got an idea for something silly so I decided to put it on a shirt.

If you've ever seen one of these, it's called an Ishimara dot test. It uses dots within specific color ranges and depending on whether or not you can see the image hidden within the dots, you can determine whether you're color blind or not. I'm color blind and there are some tests I just cannot see the solution to so I thought it'd be funny if there were a way for non-color blind people to feel my pain. The joke here is that this image has no hidden image =D So all them non-color blind folks will know the pain of being color blind if only for a moment!

Anyway, I've got a TeeSpring set up with the test here. Check it out and grab one if you'd like~ Or better yet, if you have any color blind friends, send em a link!

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Duder Geolocation Project

Where are we?

Hey duders, I found a website that lets you put markers on a map so why not get a general idea of where we are? Here's the map link.


The map at 1020 mapped =D

How Do I Get On It?

Just leave your location in the comments below and I'll add you. Nothing specific please, just City, State and Country... or whatever the equivalent is for your area =]

I am copy/pasting your given location. If you add hyphens and shit, it may place you in some crazy ass location. If you give me some kind of sentence that contains your location, I am copy/pasting the entire sentence. I will not fix shit because it takes too much time. You have been warned =D

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PAX PRIME 2014 GiantBomb Shirt

Sales Ending on 27th of June

If you don't get your name in before then, you'll have to track me down at Prime =P


If you are planning to attend PAX Prime 2014 and would like to purchase the shirt pictured below, please post your shirt size and I'll include you in the PAX EAST PMs regarding the shirt =]

What is it?

It's a shirt I'll be putting together to hand out to duders attending PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle.

The shirt design.
Colors available


Small - Large = $16 ::: XL = $17 ::: 2XL = $18 ::: 3XL = $19 ::: 4XL = $20

Is this even legal?

I've gotten the green light from Giant Bomb staff that this is cool to do. I think the reason they're cool with it is because it's a very small quantity and for a very limited time only for people who are attending a specific show. Also, because Giant Bomb is hella cool with their community doing stupid stuff like this =]

How can I get one?

This is the big unfortunately part of the whole thing.

I will only be handing these out to people who have pre-ordered and pre-paid for them and can pick them up from PAX Prime 2014.

The reason for this is two fold.

1. I'm doing this for fun and not for profit and there's no way in hell I want to be mailing these things out to people because it's just too much trouble.

2. I want to keep it down to a small quantity so that I don't draw the attention of the CBSi gods.

Previously, I accepted pre-payments but they weren't necessary. This time around, I'm going to get a total order number, and then only produce the exact amount that have been paid for and claimed. The biggest challenge I had at PAX East was carrying the shirts around and I don't want to repeat having a bunch of extras. I will figure out the pricing once I have a solid number on how many orders I get. I will be pricing them to cover the costs of getting the GB staff shirts for free because they deserve it =]

Why should I trust you to deliver if I pay?

Well, at this point, I've done it before.

Here is the pre-order page for the PAX East shirt.

Here is how the PAX East shirt was made.

And here is how the PAX East shirt was distributed by me at PAX East =]

And here are some pictures I've gotten of duders wearing said shirts. (Also, Brad wore the hoodie during his dance with Drew)

Alright, how do I get in on this?

Right now, PAX Prime tickets have not gone on sale yet so we don't know whether or not we're going to be going. What I will do at this point though, is gauge interest to try to figure out how I want to get these produced this time around. For East, I was down in LA and met up with a friend of mine that screen prints shirts so I had the luxury of being able to mail them to myself in Boston. This time around, I don't think I'll be in LA so there's a chance I won't be using him in which case, I'll need to know a general quantity range before figuring out where I should get them printed up here. Or, if I should use an online site like TeeSpring.

What you can do that'd be super helpful for me now is if you are interested, please leave a comment with your T-shirt size. After tickets for PAX are sold, I will start a PM chain with everyone that has declared interest on this post and from there I'll clear up final pricing (Definitely less than $20. Prolly around $16~$18) and set up payments and also discuss where we'll meet and when. Anyone who picked up a shirt from me at PAX East will know the drill =]

See below to check if I've got your order down!

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The Great GB/PAX shirt Adventure!

Previously On...

For anyone not in the know in terms of the hows and whys of this shirts existence, you can check HERE to see where the pre-orders took place and HERE to see how the shirts were actually screened and produced.

Arriving in Boston

So when I arrived in Boston Thursday, it really hit me how much shit I was going to have to carry around. It was literally two giant boxes filled with T shirts and hoodies. (60 shirts and 15 hoodies) The big problem though was the hoodies since one hoodie took up roughly 3+ shirts worth of space and also weighed just as much.

Imposing 2 boxes of clothing ($80+ in shipping from LA -_-;;)

Luckily, besides the ones for the GB staff, most every single hoodie was for a group of people I was hoping to meet that Thursday night for dinner. That allowed me to drop off a solid 1/4 of the volume of stuff in one go =D

The initial Thursday load

Huge thanks to PAX buddies @epicsteve @sparklykiss @chaser324 @brewmaster_andy @matt @rolyatkcinmai @pseg @marino @heavyduty32 @wafflestomp @mahonay and @natetodamax for picking up early from me Thursday night. Sorry I had to leave the meet up early to catch a showing of Book of Mormon with Celine and our gracious Boston host Ji Seon =P

An awesome first gathering at Border Cafe

PAX East 2014 Deliveries

There was a message chain that was created right after the close of pre-orders that was created and within it, we decided that the best time and place to meet would be in the Handheld Lounge on Friday morning at 11AM. So when Saturday rolled around, I filled up a large trashbag with everyone's shirts and my back pack with the extras I had printed and headed off for day 1 of PAX. Since only about 5 or 6 people were actually active on the PM chain here on the site, I was sorta worried that not many people would show. Those worries were quickly laid to rest as duder after duder made the meet up.

I set up shop by laying out a T-shirt and lounging in a beanbag chair =]

By the end of the hour, I had met up with, exchanged names and shook hands with @patvb @meatsofevil @cpsterndog @epidehl @ateatree @finaldasa @robopengy @omniscientcajun @mcribs @jeanluc @benguin @rivaldi22 @dalai @plainzombie @mtcantor @fauxben @endoworks @th3irdeye @thdemn @frootsnax and @vikingdeath1 . Out of the huge list of people who ordered a shirt, only 4 people were missing. Two of which had informed me earlier that they were unable to make the scheduled meet up. I found @code3xbl working the Console Freeplay and @olqavtoras working at the Hotline Miami 2 booth. It was super cool meeting people from the community and putting faces to user names.

While I was handing out shirts and taking cash, I heard mentioned a couple times that I looked like I was a damn drug dealer keeping track of transactions in a little notebook I carried around with me. The notebook was so that I could track who's shirts I had given out and who needed to pay me how much since a good number of people had already paid me via paypal. I doubted anyone would try to get a free shirt by claiming to be someone they were not but just in case, I set up a system where I'd ask for the person's real name (retrieved from the payPal system) and their photo ID. Turns out it was completely unnecessary but hey... can't help to be too careful =P In fact, most people were super generous and left me with a sizable $4 tip for the $16 shirts. I don't know if this was due to me asking for exact change and most people just carrying $20s, I'm leaning more towards duders just being straight awesome. I want to give a special shoutout to Desmond (code3xbl) for slappin down a hot $50 for his shirt. He single handedly knocked a big chunk off my expenses and also picked up an additional second shirt for a buddy of his =D

After the Meet Up

I still had around 17 extra unclaimed shirts that I was hoping to sell to cover the costs of free shirts/hoodies for staff, shipping and unexpectedly expensive custom ink costs. Surprisingly (or maybe not) they went pretty damn quickly. Somehow people seemed to know who I was and would come up to me and ask me "Aren't you the guy selling shirts?" or "Are you Fobwashed?" and boom, sale. The most interesting random sell was a guy who I had apparently street passed while in the queue for Patrick and Zoe's panel. He found me at the Gamespot/Giant Bomb meetup hours later and approached me saying "Hey, I street passed Fobwashed at the Patrick panel and he looks a lot like you... are you Fobwashed?". Him and his friend both bought a shirt =] I also later ran into @landonrobinson who had pre-ordered a shirt but didn't make the meet up. I had already sold HIS labeled shirt but had an extra in his size. I also gave Mr. Eric Pope a shirt because he's fucking Eric Pope and dropped one off for Dave Lang because I had a spare 3XL that I doubted would fit anyone other than that massive man. All said and done, at the end of the first day of PAX, I was down to just 3 or so extras. I was no longer afraid that I'd be coming home with a wardrobe full of em =]


I planned on hitting up the GB panel and that seemed like the best time to dump all the staff stuff in one go so this was the last day I would be carrying a full load of shirts. A lot of them wanted hoodies, so I was still going full backpack.

Pretty much completely filled with just Ts and Zipups.

I was lucky enough to be allowed to come along into the pre-panel lobby area where I was able to hand them all out in one place. Of course before that, I had been lugging them around all day but by then I was used to the extra weight =P Checking my FitBit, on Friday/Saturday I had walked over 20+ miles and over 40 floors. When I checked my weight back home in Bellevue, WA, I had lost over 5 pounds over PAX weekend =D Just after the panel was finished, I sold off my remaining shirts. Again, I was approached instead of me having to hock my wares like a street sales person =]

Shirt Sightings

It was probably in large part because of the panels I went to and the areas I hung around in but I saw the shirts EVERYWHERE. Mostly in queues but very frequently walking around on the show floor and in the aisles. It was pretty damn cool. In addition to that, the group I was hanging out with for most of PAX had a bunch of the hoodies and the weather was such that they were kinda perfect for keeping warm while not getting too hot or cold so we were roaming around in em. Which maybe mighta looked a bit weird but fuck it, I thought it was awesome =] Mr. Pope also wore his shirt for both his 404 and Royal Rumble panels while Alex ripped off his Harmonix jacket to reveal his GB one! All awesome! Some community people tweeted me pics of them wearing them as well =D


PAX East 2014 was my first 3 day experience and it was a goddamn blast. I literally only played 2 games. The dolphin test cheating one because I wanted to try on an Oculus Rift and the Pachinco game because I wanted to donate towards a charity that helps disabled gamers. Beyond those, it was all about hanging out with cool ass people watching stupid ass shit and having a blast. Thanks everyone for making this stupid endeavor such a great thing! I can't say I'll ever do it again (because holy shit carrying all that shit was tiring) but I have zero regrets about doing for PAX East =D



BomberDuder: Bomberman clone




Check out @chaser324 's Bomberman game as well HERE! The more the merrier~~


I haven't really done a side thing coding wise in a while and I got it stuck in my head at some point that there hasn't been a Bomberman game out in a long while. Cloning games seems to be all the rage right now so I figured, why not throw one together? So I present to you, the beginnings of a super silly, probably unbalanced Bomberman game that I'll dub Bomberduder =D


Yea. What again. I'm bringing my laptop and some controllers to PAX East and so if I get this thing together by then on off time (mostly weekends I suppose) it might be some stupid fun to play with other duders. I'll also put it online somewhere for anyone interested to download but since I don't plan on adding any internet play, your enjoyment will be strictly based on whether or not you can get some people together to play it.


I'd like to throw in a bunch of random people and possibly give them stupid ass abilities that may break any semblance of balanced play. These abilities would have to be something that have limited use. Maybe it can be dependent on getting a certain number of kills or just a time based thing, haven't thought it through yet. An example of the type of game breaking things I plan on are things such as John Drake getting into a plane and being able to fly around the map or Dave Lang creating a zone around himself in which other player's controls get borked. Maybe Scoops casts fear which makes players run away from him? Hell, sky's the limit.

Duder, can I help?

Yes. Yes you can. I'll take anything you wanna give me including tiles, ideas, sprites, sounds, music. Whatever you got, I'll take it and try to find a place to cram it into this thing.

The format for the land based tiles are 64x64 pixels.

The characters will end up being 64 x 95.

The item icons are 48x48.

Very much looking for help in finding sound bytes of any and all people related to Giant Bomb saying stupid shit for when they either place bombs or get hit... or maybe pick up items. Who cares, just get me sound bytes =D

As for the characters themselves, I plan on taking the cheapest easiest route possible. Which is pretty much going to end up being cut outs of their actual heads. I may animate a body of some sort to plaster the heads on but also, maybe not. *shrug*

Yea duders, throw shit at me and we'll see what sticks =D

I'll update in here as I throw more stuff together. In the meanwhile, if you're bored you can still check out MegaMan X GiantBomb or Picross.

Community Credits

@bribo - Various item icons

@wafflestomp - Select screen music

@hamst3r - Gameplay music - Announcer Voices

@saik0u - GB Office BG/Tiles


Papers, Please Giant Bomb Shirt Creation

I recently took orders for a limited run Giant Bomb shirt that I'll be handing out at PAX. Well. They're done being made and ready for shipping to Boston and I figured I'd give ya'll a look at how screened T's (and pretty much anything) are made.

In the beginning, an image.

I made this spoof of Papers, Please a while back and I really dug its look so I decided to go with this one. Well, this one minus the text, options and arrow.

The screens

The deer head part being cured.

Once you know what you want to screen, you need to isolate the colors involved and create an individual screen. The way you make a screen is you build a frame, stretch some silk across it and then coat it with photo emulsion.

Washing away the uncured emulsion.

You then print out the individual colored parts of the image and run it through a dark room type process which will cure all the parts of the screen that is not covered leaving the covered sections uncured and able to be washed away.

More shots of the individual screens

The part where the colors go on the clothes

After the screens are set up, you load them into a machine/contraption that will allow the shirt to be lined up properly with all the individual screens. This alignment is obviously crucial. Typically, I'm told you start bottom to top layer. So in the terms of this shirt, you start with the Luchadeer, followed by the light green, then the dark green and finally the white to finish.

Color by color is added to the shirt
Flash drying~

As the individual shirts have colors applied, they are flash dried on the machine. Every image is applied twice to get a really nice full coating and the flash drying readies the shirt for a second coat by drying the applied oils a little bit. This all works by rotating the shirt wheel so right after the oil paint is applied, it rotates to the flash dryer and then has time to cool off before it comes all the way around for a second coating.

I'm told that's green. But I dunno cuz colorblind...

The paint itself is applied by bringing the screen down on top of the shirt and then pushing the paint through the uncured section of the screen using a squeegee type device. Bigger places have machines that do this, my guy does it manually =P The cured sections that didn't wash away don't allow any paint through while the sections that were covered and then washed away do.

Finally, curing.

This beast

After all the layers and colors have been screened on, the shirt is sent down through this massive drying machine that'll cure the ink proper. We used something called "Plastisol" which is an oil based ink. There are two main other types of inks that are used in this process that are water based. Plastisol screens are a lot brighter and have a greater ability to be opaque against a black shirt which is important because a large portion of this is solid white on black and has the added benefit of being able to withstand way more cycles through the laundry before looking beat up. It does have a bit of an almost plasticy and raised feel as opposed to the water based stuff that you'd find on screened t-shirts at say J-Crew and whatnot. The third popular type is the one they use on shirts that are artificially faded. You know what I'm talking about.

Wet shirt goes in, dry shirt comes out.

Final Product

After all that mess, we've got a shirt. + some hoodies.

See ya'll at PAX East =]


PAX EAST 2014 Giant Bomb Shirt


Thanks for all the support! Unfortunately I've hit my limit. I'm gonna be producing quite a few more than I originally anticipated. Thanks for your support duders =]

Hey duders! I found out a while back that I actually know a guy that does T-shirt screen printing and so I thought it'd be fun to put together a shirt for PAX East 2014. I contacted Rorie and cleared the idea with him and everything is a green light so this is going to happen. Here's the design I came up with.

I tried a few different variant sizes and extras and the overwhelming consensus is that just the straight logo on the front is the best way to go.

The main thing I want to stress is that this is not for profit and I'm doing this separate from the website. That being the case, I'm going to be super transparent with the pricing I'm getting to get these made. I'd like to get a rough idea of how many I should print and take to PAX East.


I will only be doing a one time run of the shirt for anyone that's interested.

Here's the breakdown of the pricing.

One time costs:

Individual color screens $25 each. Four colors (Green, Dark Green, White, Red) = $100

Currently unknown amount for custom color ink. Turns out that those greens aren't common and the guy is going to have to make them custom for use on the creation of these shirts. I haven't received final pricing on the ink yet as I'm not sure how many I'm going to get printed.

Shipping to Boston from Southern California $20~$30. I'm guessing it'll prolly cost about that much to ship a large box full of shirts to where the convention is taking place from where the shirts are going to be produced.

Per shirt costs:

$5 for screening (applying the inks to the shirt).

$4~$5 per blank black shirt. These I'm going to have to check out for myself. I think the material of the shirt he said he has is decent but if I can find a source of better, softer fabric I'll prolly shell out the extra buck or two for em instead.


So say I print out a run of 30, that'd total costing roughly $15 a shirt. That's still cheaper than most screened T's you'd find. I'll prolly also end up printing out a few for whichever GB staff wants one for themselves. That cost I'll eat myself =]

If you're going to PAX East this year and you're interested in a shirt, go ahead and post down below and include your shirt size so that I know how many of what size I should print out. I'll collect in cash at the show. I'll set up a specific time and place to meet at which point I'll hand over the goods. If the spoken for goods aren't picked up at that time, I'll just carry around the extras and sell to anyone that's interested.

I'd be happy to hit 30 as that'd allow me to break even at the cost of $15 a pop. If I don't, I'll still only charge the $15. If by some freak chance more than 30 people want to grab one, I'll maybe go as high as printing 40 but no more than that since it'll prolly be way too heavy to carry around.

I'll post pics of the printing process once I meet up with the guy when I visit LA. <>


FauxBen - XL

cpsterndog - M

Epidehl - M

Benguin - L

Matt - L

Chaser324 - M

ateatree - M

vikingdeath1 - XXXL

brewmaster_andy - M

Olqavtoras - M

HeavyDuty32 - M

code3XBL - L

PatVB - S

endoworks - XL

wafflestomp - XXL

Marino - XL

FinalDasa - M

SparklyKiss - L / M

Rivaldi22 - L

EpicSteve - M

Dalai - L

pseg - L

Mahonay - M

robopengy - M

omniscientcajun - M

plainzombie - L

Th3irdEye - XL

LandonRobinson - M

McRibs - M

ThDemn - XL

DiabloChicken14 - L

Mtcantor - L

Frootsnax - XXL

MeatsofEvil - S

jeanLuc - M


Patrick Klepek Spelunky Skin

Wearing Jurrasic Park colors because.... because why not?

I looked into how difficult it'd be to make a Spelunky skin and turns out, not too hard.

Here's a link to a forum that seems to have all the skins/mods available collected into one location. There should also be a tool there that lets you unpack and repack the textures Spelunky uses for yourself.

Anyway, here's what it looks like in action

Spelunkatar AI displaying Patrick's dog abuse tendencies

I made the sprite by drawing the thing at about 500% what the game uses and then resizing it to match the existing sprite size. Reason being that drawing at that low a resolution is really hard because it isn't straight pixel art.

I'd say all in all, from start to current state it was prolly about 5 hours spread across a week and half. About half of that was drawing the art and I'd say about 2 hours of resizing and getting the spritesheet placement right with another half hour of testing in between.

Cool thing about this custom skin stuff is that everything works fine with the game and the daily challenge so pretty much, I just play the game with it now. Also, it's super simple to install and uninstall the mods since the entire process consists of just changing out two files in the texture directory of Spelunky. Anyway, here's a link to it if anyone else wants to check it out. There's a readme in the .zip that'll explain how to install and uninstall it.


Patrick Klepek Skin