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Dan, because he is immortal.

And I'm not exaggerating. He is literally immortal.

But what if they were ALL immortal? What then? Hmmmmm?

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@jay_ray said:

The only correct answer is Drew

I can see why you'd say that, but they are prolly all equally inexperienced in swordplay. Tho, Drew did get a little practice. Drew swordplay

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@gaff said:

@fobwashed: Watching on PC only works when the stream is still active, AFAIK. And Archiving only works on the mobile apps, or when an enterprising fan uploads the video to Youtube.

Oh, so that makes a lotta sense... Was wondering why I couldn't find anything =P thx

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@geirr said:

As far as I understand I can't view it on the PC since whenever I click a periscope link it just tells me to download periscope for IOS or android.

So basically It's just another social media thing, I don't really care.

Also like things that get archived since I'm rarely awake at this hour and if Periscope doesn't archive then I really dislike it.

That's weird, I use it on PC. Also didn't know stuff gets archived. Maybe I'll go back and watch the E3 day 3 stuff they were messing around with =D

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Just popping in to say if anyone were interested in a VG book, the original Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six was a fun read. I don't know anything about these two books so it'd be bad for me to vote either way.

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@aurahack said:

This is so great but I completely lost my shit at Brad sleeping. A+++ duder!

This is also the first piece of fanart I've seen with Brad's ultra business hair =D

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Spectacular >,<

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Is this the one where they show the chibi-robo amiibo? I need that chibi-robo amiibo... I don't give two squids about amiibos but I need that chibi-robo amiibo.

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