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Glad someone's crunching the numbers. Nicely done =]

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Excellent work as usual =D

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Happy holidays urryone~ Ya'll are the best =D

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Game over. This is pretty much the best.

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@graboids said:

did another design, not MGS related... or maybe it is... the MGS storyline is confusing....

You should really put together a separate blog or forum post with this thing because it's glorious and needs attention >,<

Also, why is this not something people can purchase? I've used TeeSpring and it's super easy. You may not be able to link to it on the site, but I'm sure it'd blow up on twitter.

Obvs, talk to Jeff first. Maybe Aaron Trites as well since he's the one that runs PAX Rumble =P

EDIT: Looking at it, I'd prob remove the bomby since that's the only thing here that CBSi might care about. Or you know, talk to @rorie about getting this thing in the actual shop here because it's goddamn beautiful =P

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Consumed! Nicely done!

Man, I've been wanting to take a stab at his style since the series began but I just can't find the time. Also, there are a few of these floating around and they're all so damn good I feel like I wouldn't be adding anything to the pool at this point >,<

Maybe if MGS3 is great...

That wolf emblem is pretty....... SOLID!


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@icyeyes said:

Fantastic work @lcom. I'm a little jealous that you made such an awesome thing so quickly. I really hope to see the duders playing this on the next UPF too. Maybe they could even do a special segment where they play several community created games that have never been played on the show before.

I have something of an idea of how much work and effort it can take to make even a simple game, and I also know there are great community creations here that deserve way more recognition. So I think it would be really nice to just give these creators a little “official” recognition on the show. Even if it was only for five minutes. It would probably mean more to them then most people realize.

Possible candidates for a UPF: community spotlight

let me know if any of these have already been played on UPF or if I'm missing something. They could even stop by some Giantbomb community game guilds / groups, as well.

Thanks fer the mention =] I also put together that MegaMan game and a small picross game with some GB ppl as solutions. You can find em all here for download.

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I want

Campaign is ovaaaaa~~!! Sorry duder! =[

I bought one.

Campaign is ovaaaaa~~!! Shirts in the mail! =]

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Wow. @marino you love charts. Check out all these charts... Jesus.