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Is this real life? What's happening here?

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@splodge: @fobwashed: Yeah I get it. Maybe I was a little too extreme, I guess I'm a little out of step with people about this.

Not at all, that's your opinion and that's fine :) In the past I have donate to local bands who have had all their gear stolen, and my own friends chipped in to buy me a proper computer when I was in college because I could not afford one. Sometimes people want to do something nice for other people where they can see a more immediate effect is all. It is jumping the gun though. Hopefully CBSi will help him out a bit

It's really hard to convey tone on the internet. I'm not at all upset about your position and it's definitely a valid one. Just sayin, if I'm out and a buddy of mine forgot his wallet, I'll buy him his meal and not be thinking "there are people who need this more than him". That seems like it'd get real depressing real fast >,<

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@splodge: Yeah, sure people can spend money on what they want. I guess I just wanted warn people that this might not be the best use of their money, not to get too morally relativistic about this, but there are people actively raising money for lifesaving medical care and thousands of charities who desperately need cash. But on the the other hand I can totally get why people would want to help such an entertaining guy out.

And here we are, buying subscriptions to a website so we can see more content about video games. It's all about where the individual wants to spend their money duder. Nothing we do is going to be the best use of our money. Do what you want with your money and what makes you feel good about yourself. I donate to various charities, but I also drop stupid amounts of money on absolute bullshit like a near useless oculus rift. Even if I didn't donate to ANY charities, I'd still feel fine about buying stupid crap.

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Damn, that sucks.

I hope he's able to bounce back.

Hopefully he had renter's insurance.

I've been robbed and have friends who've been robbed. If San Fran's renter's insurance is anything like LA renter's insurance. You won't really get much at all back in money >,<

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I'm all for throwing a couple bucks his way as well if we can get something set up for him.

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This is the most important Panel at PAX =D

Lookin forward to all the good Giant Bomb stuff there and also meeting a buncha cool people!

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Go get it Dave Lang. You're the fucking best!

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Richmond, BC, Canada

Gotcha =]

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I've also been enjoying the series thoroughly. I really like the world they created with Airbender and I feel like this is a great continuation of the series. Especially because it pretty much takes place after Aang's timeline and there's still a lot of stuff from that series crossing over into this one.

Same goes for this that goes for any sequel or reboot or book to movie thing. If you don't like it, just don't watch it. The thing you liked to begin with is still what it was before. Just enjoy that =]