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Matt is really cool.

I've met him before. He seemed alright.


Yea, I don't wanna commit to alright in case he's actually an ass. From my brief encounter with Matt, he appeared to be a decent fellow. Still, not the type of guy I'd stop for if I saw him hitchhiking.

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@matt said:

Matt is really cool.

I've met him before. He seemed alright.

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Hey duders, just wanna say that I'm still updating this. I'm just currently on a trip to LA and don't want to deal with it while I'm down here. I'll put everyone in one I get back next week =]

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That white bomby signifies what's wrong with using the white theme. I guess I should have expected you freaks to rally behind such a disgusting image!

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You're a spotlight.

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Hey everyone using the white theme on Giant Bomb. What're you even doing?

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@amazingafroman: I'm currently working on putting together a survival/horror type game and your issues are the same things I'm trying to figure out a way to tackle >,< Pretty interesting conversation goin on in here =] Good stuff duder!

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@delawa @soap @leebmx @prawntoast @sweep @joelteon7 @jothel @frigogidaire @mracoon @poperamone @james_hayward

London duders you say? Meet up?

Brought to you by Big Data of the Geoduder Project ;-]

I guess if you wanted to, you could zoom out of London and also check on surrounding city duders =P

Adding @pawsoffury @mercutio123 @otakugamer Londoneers.

Potentially @diz @lackingsaint @metal_mad @eccentrix @jensonb and @moonlightmoth from a few cities outside of the London area =]

There's a Giant Bomb community meetup happening on July 5th if any of ya'll are interested~

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