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You could also check which Duders from the site live in the area using the duder map.

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@yummylee: @macog: @the_nubster: I may just stick with 1 and 2 to be safe.... maybe even just the first one because it sounds like it was intended to be a one off thing anyway.

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I need to rewatch those Halloween movies... How many of them are actually good?

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omg. That megaman 3 commercial. So good.

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I follow a couple and most of them list games I'm already interested in or know about. I started up one that just keeps track of games on steam that have oculus rift support and I think some ppl find that useful. I dunno... It's nice that it's there but besides occasionally noticing that games I'm looking at in the shop are in various curated lists I follow, I don't really pay much attention to it.

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This is pretty great. Good work =D

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@rowr said:

Holy shit I want that vib ribbon one.

The Vib Ribbon font is really spiffy =]

What would you think of doing a beanie-style one? Or might that be a little difficult?

I still feel beanies would cater to a smaller crowd than a hat... tho hats prolly cater to a smaller crowd than a shirt so....

only if it's a fancy hat. Like a stovepipe type thing.

Most people only wear this sort of thing at a convention anyway.

I wear my hoodie and gamebomb/paper please stuff casually but I think I'd only wear the PAX one at a PAX.

@brake said:

What about a fedora? Or a utilikilt?


I spend a lot of time making my hair real fabulous in the morning, so I'm not a hat guy. Although, I do have to wear a tie to work. I'd wear a giant bomb tie in my very professional environment.

This is my dilemma when it comes to a nice pair of cans. I much prefer their sound to my earbuds but they mess up my hair =\

The vib ribbon design would look good on a scarf.

I wouldn't even need that to be GB themed. A Vib Ribbon scarf would be fucking awesome >,<

I'm not big on the designs you have here (no offense, in general I am a fan of your work =) ), but I do like the idea of a Giant Bomb hat.

None taken =] To be honest, I don't much like these neither. I just slapped some previous stuff onto a hat to throw an image up with my thoughts =P

I'd be cool with just a Giant Bomb patch that I could put on a beanie because man-oh-man are my ears cold right now. D:

And I like the Vib Ribbon design, but it doesn't really fit on a hat imo.

EDIT: A hat that has a similar GB logo like the one on the back of the Gerstmania shirt could look pretty neat on a trucker hat or something. I'd wear that!

CC @buzz_clik on that. It sounds hot =D

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I like the vibomb, but I don't think any of those designs seem very good for a hat. I know it's not that fun to design, but I think just a simple logo would be better. Failing that, maybe something that's not a parody of some other logo?

Edit: Look up "zombies eat flesh".

I've toyed with some ideas for hats and I'd like to either do a nice fat graphic or some simple text. I get the aversion to a parody but if not that, there'd be no reason not to just do the plain ol' GiantBomb logo and at that point, what'm I even doing?

I think the Vib-Ribbon inspired one would look pretty great on a beanie

Yup, definitely thought of the beanie. Only problem is I feel like less people would be into beanies than a regular cap.

@fobwashed: That explains the cheapness! Damn corporates! The one of the Giant Bomb name might look better if you dropped the stars, but then I don't know if it follows the Vib-ribbon style enough. @dazzhardy's suggestion of a beanie is good I think, but I don't know if that's outside of your creation process?

Here's the image of the zombie subway mash up.

Oh, I get it. It's cute but maybe too easy =P

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I know you're talking about hats, but a full Vib-Ribbon style Giant Bomb shirt sounds awesome. Even your current mock-up looks like it'd be pretty cool.

Yea... I like the shirt idea too but I've seriously got a bunch of shirts that I've made that are all GB related and it's getting to be a bit much. If I did end up going with the shirt, I'd prolly make it look nice. What I've got is sorta a quick rough draft -_-;; Same goes for these hats. They're just stuff I have around pasted onto hats. I'd really like to do a nice, original hat fitted design but I just don't have the time~~ >,<