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@ripelivejam: It was Giant Bomb approved!

I would also be interested in a GB hat or mug. Just throwing out my two cents =]

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Another promo vid >,<

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Yeah, the video buddy is the best option since it requires you to authenticate before it allows access to premium content.

I'm hesitant to explain how I found the link considering that I just pulled it to make sure non-premium members don't get hold of it. If Rorie is interested I'd be willing to tell him so he can squash this particular hole.

Better to send it to @jslack or @edgework

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Got as far as starting the vid then refreshed and now 404 -_-;;

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@papercut said:

I've been planning my signs all week!

Here's mine from last year. They don't really show on the streams so I hope they figure out a way to give em some play this time around >,<

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@shadowswordmaster said:

Fantastic Work.

Thanks =D

@hassun said:

I have a feeling the smooth version might actually look better on a shirt than the jagged one.

Yea, I haven't looked at it in a while but coming back to it, if I did a shirt, it'd be the smooth one. I might also add a second color... iono. I'll take another stab at it when it starts getting closer to Prime =P

@fobwashed: Have you ever checked with any of the guys if/how that would work? Just curious since you make some legit stuff and none of the people working at GB seem to mind.

I always clear stuff with Rorie before going ahead with taking orders and getting the actual shirts screened. I'm interested in whipping something up for the actual shop but I'm pretty swamped with other stuff at the moment and I don't think I'd be able to put anything legit together till my schedule clears up a bit. I think the only reason I get the green light to put these together is because they're one offs for PAX shows. I do know someone sold the bullet club/GB shirts on Teespring and he told me he got cleared by Rorie to do that one so iono... I do know that Teespring is a great service since that's where I sold the RYCKERT shirt and that went off w/out a hitch.

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@fobwashed: Man, imagine if it was stitched onto the shirt. It'd be perfect for this.

Edit: Also, why you gotta tease us with that GBxPapers, Please shirt?! :(

Do you still sell any of the previous designs or are they a one-time only per PAX event deal?

It'd be super cool if I could bring them back but I dunno if that's ever really gonna happen. I don't think the guy I originally used is still making shirts anymore and I don't think CBSi would be down with me throwing these up on TeeSpring. Soooo... currently, it looks like they ain't comin back~

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PAXAMANIA 2015 Schedule

@humanity straight killing it w/the promo posters.

Welps, the promo vids are starting to come in. I am hyped.

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Great roundup. I want those cards. Eric. Give them to me. Eric.

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@sweep said:

@fobwashed said:

@bollard said:

Wow that's a big screenshot.

iPhone 6... =\

I reduced the size, you crazy maverick. Medium is now a legit image size!

It's a 6+. Maybe that IS the med size!