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T-shirt now received (UK) and am now wearing it proudly under an open lab-coat in the genetic sequencing lab at work.

Our Ukranian lab technician was suspicious of the potential pro-Russia sentiment and is now amusingly confused by my explanation.

This sounds fantastic =D

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Lots of people tweeted me about getting their shirts. Also, just learned I can embed tweets. Oh happy day =]

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@chance_s said:

Freaking bummed out!! The post office misdelivered mine and all they said was "sorry its probably gone, you should contact the seller." Hopefully Teespring will be more helpful then USPS.

Awe man... that really sucks =[

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No loot pretty much sums up my current thoughts on Destiny

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I'd rather have em than not. I do wish there were separate bars for collectibles and for game campaign progress.

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@legion_: Apart from the lucky few who end up marrying their high school sweet heart and going happily ever after (I actually know a few of these and just wow), most everyone goes through what you're going through now. You get into a relationship and if it's not the best one you've been in or heading in that direction, you tend to bail and move on to the next one. Each time you learn more about yourself, what you need from a relationship, and how to treat your partner better in the future and not make the same mistakes you may have made in the past. I have no idea how old you are or how many "serious" relationships you've been in but it does get easier with time. The heartache will always be bad if you're in love with someone but you'll learn that you can cope with it and move on. Focus on what you need to do to get better and move on with your own life. Also, don't lose your friends over this if you can. Friends are always important.

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Just got mine- looks awesome! Although it does look to be a bit of a factory second (the image is at least an inch or two off center) Do you think it would be worth contacting tee-spring about?

Awesome! =D

As for contacting Teespring, that's your call. I got mine a few days back and everything is good. This picture does look slightly off. The star on top shouldn't be centered. I'm wondering if they did that on purpose or if this one tee just wasn't centered properly during the printing process. If you do contact TeeSpring, lemme know how things turn out! If you need, you can use the reference images in the OP to show how the thing should be positioned. I took those images off the campaign itself.

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Hey duders- I honestly don't spend a ton of time in the boards here, but I found myself wanting to represent RUN GFB on my desktop and made a wallpaper. A search (as best as I understand it) of the boards did not turn up any info on one, but I figured if anyone else would like it I would post. Hope someone enjoys!

What font is that?