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This is pretty great. Good work =D

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@rowr said:

Holy shit I want that vib ribbon one.

The Vib Ribbon font is really spiffy =]

What would you think of doing a beanie-style one? Or might that be a little difficult?

I still feel beanies would cater to a smaller crowd than a hat... tho hats prolly cater to a smaller crowd than a shirt so....

only if it's a fancy hat. Like a stovepipe type thing.

Most people only wear this sort of thing at a convention anyway.

I wear my hoodie and gamebomb/paper please stuff casually but I think I'd only wear the PAX one at a PAX.

@brake said:

What about a fedora? Or a utilikilt?


I spend a lot of time making my hair real fabulous in the morning, so I'm not a hat guy. Although, I do have to wear a tie to work. I'd wear a giant bomb tie in my very professional environment.

This is my dilemma when it comes to a nice pair of cans. I much prefer their sound to my earbuds but they mess up my hair =\

The vib ribbon design would look good on a scarf.

I wouldn't even need that to be GB themed. A Vib Ribbon scarf would be fucking awesome >,<

I'm not big on the designs you have here (no offense, in general I am a fan of your work =) ), but I do like the idea of a Giant Bomb hat.

None taken =] To be honest, I don't much like these neither. I just slapped some previous stuff onto a hat to throw an image up with my thoughts =P

I'd be cool with just a Giant Bomb patch that I could put on a beanie because man-oh-man are my ears cold right now. D:

And I like the Vib Ribbon design, but it doesn't really fit on a hat imo.

EDIT: A hat that has a similar GB logo like the one on the back of the Gerstmania shirt could look pretty neat on a trucker hat or something. I'd wear that!

CC @buzz_clik on that. It sounds hot =D

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I like the vibomb, but I don't think any of those designs seem very good for a hat. I know it's not that fun to design, but I think just a simple logo would be better. Failing that, maybe something that's not a parody of some other logo?

Edit: Look up "zombies eat flesh".

I've toyed with some ideas for hats and I'd like to either do a nice fat graphic or some simple text. I get the aversion to a parody but if not that, there'd be no reason not to just do the plain ol' GiantBomb logo and at that point, what'm I even doing?

I think the Vib-Ribbon inspired one would look pretty great on a beanie

Yup, definitely thought of the beanie. Only problem is I feel like less people would be into beanies than a regular cap.

@fobwashed: That explains the cheapness! Damn corporates! The one of the Giant Bomb name might look better if you dropped the stars, but then I don't know if it follows the Vib-ribbon style enough. @dazzhardy's suggestion of a beanie is good I think, but I don't know if that's outside of your creation process?

Here's the image of the zombie subway mash up.

Oh, I get it. It's cute but maybe too easy =P

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I know you're talking about hats, but a full Vib-Ribbon style Giant Bomb shirt sounds awesome. Even your current mock-up looks like it'd be pretty cool.

Yea... I like the shirt idea too but I've seriously got a bunch of shirts that I've made that are all GB related and it's getting to be a bit much. If I did end up going with the shirt, I'd prolly make it look nice. What I've got is sorta a quick rough draft -_-;; Same goes for these hats. They're just stuff I have around pasted onto hats. I'd really like to do a nice, original hat fitted design but I just don't have the time~~ >,<

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@humanity said:

I don't know how many of us really want to be mistaken for Subway employees?? Maybe some?!

It's just my own personal fantasy -_-;; It's an old joke pic I had floating around and was easy to PS on.

Can there be one made out of nachos?

EDIT: Cool stuff duder, especially the Vib-ribbon design.

A sombrero would be sorta cool but I'd rather shoot for something I'd be able to wear =P

I don't think either of those look particularly great. It could be the hat itself which looks rather, cheap? The Vib-ribbon one just looks too busy on a hat and the Subway one, I'm just not a fan of smash ups like that. It reminds me too much of those "zombie" subway logos.

The base hat I picked was literally a picture of a subway hat. Which are in fact, cheap as all hell =P The Vib one does seem really busy. I might prefer just a small version of the text aligned to either the left or the right and leave it at that with a quality base cap. Like say 3 or 4 inches long. I've also never seen the zombie subway thing you're mentioning. I'll look it up later =P

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So far I've only been messing with shirts for PAX meetups. (You can also check out my blogs for the full story on those) Was toying with the idea of maybe doing a hat next time around. I've sorta got way more GB related shirts than I think I need... but I have so few hats. Here are some quick mock-ups.

My first job was working at a Subway in highschool so I'm sorta keen on the Subway riff. Especially since I literally used to own a subway hat for my job. Though I also like the way the Vib Ribbon would work with it being simple white lines on black. I dunno. Holla at me =]

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Here u go

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@branthog: "Does the world really need one more gaming site posting daily articles about how gamers are vile pieces of shit and someone had to move to Pluto because the Internet? Wasn't your best move to just be good people doing good gaming stuff?"

Yes. No.

This article is signal boosting that this bullshit is happening to people. It's not accusing all gamers (a classification that means less than ever) of being vile, just the ones making these types of threats.

All the stuff you want still exists on the site and will continue to exist. Feeling that non standard content being generated will diminish or replace the content you already enjoy and being upset about it is understandable but I think just like there being room for all types of games, there's room for all sorts here too. You can skip the things you don't like or care about and continue to enjoy the things you do. Or leave if it's all just too much. I've seen you around and I have to say, I'm super happy that even though you're not happy with things on the site, you're not throwing around a bunch of hate speak and being vile =]

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Thanks for the mention =] One thing tho, that post is just plain old forums and not a blog~ have a nice weekend!

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The most expensive dinners I've had paid for me were roughly $2000~$3000 a meal for 3 people in various eateries in Japan. The family of the person I was dating at the time was ridiculous rich and when we visited they took us out to super fancy meals.

As for myself, on occasion we splurge and eat at some famous chef's place while we're on vacation and drop around $200~$300 for the two of us. When we eat out in general, bill comes out to around $40~$60. We also cook and eat at home a lot. Eating at home is obviously the cheapest way to go and it's also delicious. Celine is a great cook and I can make a few things pretty well =]

Btw. Neither of us drink and I think that saves a huge amount in the eating out area. I hear alcohol is super expensive outdoors ya'll.