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I like the look!

Also, off topic, what was the game you finished and submitted?

I am learning to program and working on a game... have all those arm chair game designer ideas. Inspired by Jeff's calls for a "real wrestling game", I would love to see a wrestling game that somehow would embrace the fictional element of the source material. Not that it's what you're going for, just something that seeing it brings to mind.

The game that's in submission right now is called Treads! and I'm hoping it'll be up in the App Store in a few days!

I think the resources needed to make a full fledged wrestling game like Jeff wants is way out of the scope of me doing this thing by myself. What I'm going for is gonna be a way simplified wrestling management sim =]

this looks amazing so far, but i think it's funny in the latest version pope and Aaron look gigantic in comparison lol. can't wait to see where it's headed!

It's a perspective thing. They're actually the exact same size as the wrestlers =P

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I dunno that looks pretty cool too. Has a nice smooth move to him.

I've moved in a different direction >,<

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Amazing stuff -- great job!


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So good.

You're GOOD!

These are really good.


So I'm trying out various methods to see if there's a way to animate a large number of different sprites easily. One thing I'm checking out is using bone/mesh animation and... well... It's kinda horrifying.

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Community is community is community. Great roundup as usual =D

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@mwhan: Dave Snider made a website tribute with stories from people who miss him and love him. You should start there =]

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You can bet I'll be there. Upgraded. And in a costume! :D

Any spoilers on what you're wearing?

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Hey! Me. Cool. Done.

Looking forward to this year's PAX Prime guide =D

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I AM. For the first three days.

Sundays are overrated

I'll be there probably maybe???

See you there perhaps?

I'll be there.

See you AGAIN then!

I will be there.

Woop woop!

Going this year for the first time! Pretty excited.

You're in for a freaking BLAST! =D

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Hey duders! Who's goin to PAX Prime this year? I am! Let's all be friends!

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@fobwashed: I've got the equivalent of a years worth of computer science under my belt now so I'll probably jump into it a bit over our summer break and just see whats up. Any thoughts on alternatives such as Monogame?

Monogame is basically XNA which is what I started with. It's pretty solid but Unity and Unreal being free, I'd highly suggest you jump into either one of those. It really helps a lot to have some real tools and not just a framework.

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Nice work, duder. It's always really cool to see the talents of the community on display.

Yea, I've been busy lately. This stuff is like killing two birds with one stone since I can use em in what may be my next game project =]

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The animation looks great !

Awesome! Thanks!

@fobwashed: You might want to look up the old PC-98, SNES series wrestle angels for idea's then, they had a mode where you manage a federation or just a single wrestler in there. They also had a pretty cool idea for turning Mahjong into a wrestling game by assigning different ability's to different tiles/cards

Not sure where I'd find it but I'll give it a look see =]

I'm getting a heavy Tim Schafer vibe off Dr. Tracksuit that I kinda dig. As always, great work @fobwashed!

Legend of Tim is the best. That's fine with me!

My life is now complete. Amazing work duder!

P.S. I think you should totally make Ryan a secret character :)

I think you're right.

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This is sweet !

You're sweet!

Looks cool.


I don't think the full size style will work well with what I've got planned so I whipped up a chibi size that should work a bit better. Gonna try a few more head shapes/bodies to see if it's something I can run with. Here's a sample =]

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@fobwashed: Alternative names:

  • Dr Tracksuit's PAX Rumble
  • Dr Tracksuit's Wrestlefest 2015
  • Dr Tracksuit's Sharpshooters (or misc other wrestling move name)
  • Dr Tracksuit's Adventures in Wrestling I: The PAX Rumble
  • The Powerbombers / The Powerbombduders
  • Macho Man Dr Tracksuit
  • Game Industry Grumble
  • Well this list is getting pointless
  • Yet I continue onward
  • The PAX Rumblers
  • PAX Prime All Stars
  • PAX Punchers
  • PAX Punchdown
  • The PAX Movement
  • PAX PrimeTimers

On a subject not wrestling game name related, how easy is it to learn / make a game with Unity and what other software do you recommend?

Highly depends on what you want to do and your current skillset. I built a game and submitted to the iTunes App store in 5 months flat. That being said, I'm pretty proficient with C# and decent at art. I heard if you know little to no coding, that GameMaker is a good place to start.