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Nicely done =]

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@phileskyline: I mostly use Wirecutter as a jump off point for most of these types of purchases. I'd recommend you check em out. It's always useful to get some opinions from someone who's checked out a whole bunch of laptops with the intent of reviewing them against each other than just individual reviews.

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If anyone wants to see just how insane the blur in this game gets. Here you go...

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I WAS INVOKED! So here are a few more. I've been mostly uploading these to Twitter because as people have mentioned, they sorta get lost in the pages and pages of comments. I can't find em all but here's a few.

The End

And I'll throw in a bonus Vinny.

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I'm not gettin one because I'm not for RUN GFB but I am for more silly shirts. I'll help spread the word on the twitters.

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@ottoman673 said:

@forcen: I wonder how Lang and Co. feel about some duder selling these..

Wasn't the original RUN GFB shirt a spur of the moment thing that Lang came up with and ordered at huge expense to get to PAX on time? Or was that the GameBomb shirt design? @fobwashed did you do both designs or am I imagining things?

The gamebomb one was a last minute thing. I'm pretty sure he had the RUN GFB stuff planned for a bit.

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Watch the entire TANG series. It helps if you've also seen the movies being covered.

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I don't know wrestling well enough to know what happens when one organization gets out of control in power like GFB. Alex didn't just hire GFB like DD tried to, he outright joined them. What the hell happens now? Are the two choices at this point either back GFB or the ILC?