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Great roundup. I want those cards. Eric. Give them to me. Eric.

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Wow that's a big screenshot.

iPhone 6... =\

I reduced the size, you crazy maverick. Medium is now a legit image size!

It's a 6+. Maybe that IS the med size!

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I want a set, I'll pay you American currency!

Ya'll should just use Euros and play nice with the rest of that area. -____-;;

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@bollard said:

Wow that's a big screenshot.

iPhone 6... =\

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Wonder if there's gonna be an influx of duders on Yik Yak looking for places to use their bongg due to the bombcast.

Also, Giant Bomb is still a threat.

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I suggest everyone get a pack of these right at the start of the show so you can collect signatures~ Juss sayin...

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Top of the world~!

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It looks awesome but I'm not drawn to it hard enough that I'd wanna pay full price. I'll prob wait for a sale or rent it from a redbox -_-;;

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Thanks everyone for the kind words~! I don't have time to do anything good lately so this kinda hack job'll have to suffice for a while =P

He needs to stop everything few moments to throw up, just like the real Dan.

This should happen... If I ever do the full training scene, it'll prob end with him puking.

Dan needs more beard, but Dr. Tracksuit is spot on!

Maybe. I forget if he shaved or not recently -_-;;

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From what I can tell, it's mostly mobile games and MMORPG stuff. I don't recall seeing any console stuff. But that's just what I've seen on my brief trips so ymmv