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Dragonball is real life.

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Is there any concerns about temperature changes that might occur while the sweet brew is traveling through the tubes? Also, pretty awesome! =D

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This is pretty great =D

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@naoiko said:

That shirt is amazing dude.

Thanks =]

Just bought this shirt today! Cannot wait to wear it. Almost going to have to wait a few months after that then with it being so cold its going to be hard to wear this t-shirt. Thank you Dan and @fobwashed!

Awesome~! Was pretty happy to see Dan actually wearing the thing on UPF =D

I hear the long sleeve version is the way to go. I'm still considering grabbing on before they're gone >,<

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@goat_rat said:

@ch3burashka: Like I mentioned, that's the point of this. I never intended to claim that I created the original Snake art. You're taking this way more serious then it should be. When you watch movies with special effects do you point out "THAT'S NOT REAL!"? It's just a photoshop, dude. Not claiming to be anything more.

@goat_rat said:

@sethphotopoulos: Hi I made this! I gave AMyggen total permission to post it.

To someone who hasn't seen the original image, it seems pretty likely that assume you created the whole thing. There's definitely craft in the edit but there's a huge difference between adding Drew's head and designing Solid Snake dissolving into weapons and other iconic MGS pieces.

Like @ch3burashka mentioned, you seem to be responding very aggressively to someone simply pointing out what you did and what you didn't do. I checked out your work and it's solid stuff so especially as an artist, you should be more sensitive to giving credit where credit is due and not taking credit for someone else's work.

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That's a shitload of anime. Also, fuck man, having flashbacks of being a kid and experiencing Ninja Scroll. That one blew my mind... So fucking good.

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Nah, it's a joke.

This is likely... but let me dream dammit! T-T

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