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151870 New Concept Concept Overview It's a recurring thing that seems to be happening more and more frequently. Off the top of my head I can think of a half dozen games that released with non-functioning multiplayer and/or things that straight up just don't work. 12/29/14 02:03PM 10 Denied
132463 Steve Kim Person Overview Just filling out personal information =D 08/27/14 07:23PM 20 Approved
132462 Steve Kim Person Overview There is no category for Actor beyond VO so I set it to Unclassified. 08/27/14 07:19PM 4 Approved
132321 Steve Kim Person Overview This is me. I'm an actor in the upcoming game Roundabout. It's a speaking/acting role so like. Yea. I'm in a game =P 08/27/14 10:07AM 10 Approved
125607 Oculus Rift Accessory Overview Added some information in regards to the new Development Kit 08/01/14 12:22AM 49 Approved
73251 Take a Break Concept Overview Just some games that offer breaks 12/05/13 03:47PM 4 Approved
72887 Take a Break Concept Overview There are at least a few games I can think of that asks this of the player. 12/03/13 05:27PM 10 Approved
59537 Overwatch Concept Overview just added a game 09/27/13 08:19AM 2 Approved
59427 Overwatch Concept Overview Because apparently it's a thing that exists in TBS games that isn't a concept yet. 09/26/13 07:11PM 10 Approved