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May he shoot the tubes in the afterlife.

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Ryan Davis passed away at a tragically young age, yet he's responsible for hours upon hours of entertainment for many people including myself.

My condolences to his friends and family.

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Patrick, you put 'Harvey' instead of 'Henry' in your subtitle.

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Hanging out with high schoolers is kinda weird

Kinda why I choose Naoto, since she's the most mature and all.

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@Alkaiser said:

I'm very fond of Retsupurae myself.


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@zhangt said:

wow, don't miss here hot sale. especial this perfect PS3 accessory, sale like hot cake. free shipping + fast delivery + lowest price + best quality = our best choice. welcome:\156


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@LikeaSsur said:

@Liquidus said:

Probably Bayonetta because it has like 5 endings and they're all crazy and amazing.

I'm not sure you have the right game in mind.

I think he means back-to-back endings, not alternate endings. As in, there were multiple points where the game could have ended, but didn't and kept going.

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