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@lackluster: I personally really liked DA2. I can definitely recommend it.

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I just want to say that I loved it. It's a great game, despite it's dungeon design.

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Some advanced AI right there. Everybody ready your liquid nitrogen, don't want your CPUs to overheat.

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It's natural for it to seem that way. But the way I see it is that the Xbox One has a lot more functions than just playing games. Like TV, music, smartglass, Kinect 2 etc. The PS4 only has the one gaming function, so naturally a bigger portion of the presentation is about that one feature the PS4 has. Since the One has gaming, and much more, a smaller portion of the presentation is about games.

I think One will turn out to be as much about gaming as PS4 is, but it just didn't seem that way because Microsoft had so much more to show. Xbox One might just be what the PS4 is, plus more.

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I can't think of any 360 games that I would want to play on the One anyway.

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It's interesting how they went a whole other direction with their naming strategy from last gen, calling it 360 because of the name of PS3. I like it.

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Thanks again for all the help.

This thread is one of the top results when googling "english games germany" so guess I'll update it incase anyone else is in the same situation.

I ordered from, and three business days later it arrived in my mailbox. No trouble at all.

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@mijati: Oh, wow. That sucks. Thanks for the heads up! Guess I'll avoid that site then.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I went to Gamespot, and they said that the games are most likely in German. So I will have to find another solution.

@harlechquinn: @coinmatze: Do you live in Germany? Have you tried importing games? I'm thinking about buying from or, but I don't know if there are import taxes or not? I think they are sent from the UK, and that is in the EU. So I suppose it should be no trouble to import games.

Yeah, found this "Import duty and taxes are due when importing goods into Germany from outside of the EU" Source.

But you guys have tried importing games?

Thanks for the help.