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I just read that in Greg Kasavin's voice. Awesome though. Waiting in patience for the dev diaries :)

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Unbalanced difficulty.

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I was under the impression that instead of a video review they made a quicklook. Maybe it was just the one time though.

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Irish coffee. 
I only drink booze on special occasions. I mostly just drink beer. Or else I get blackouts, and nerves from hell the day after.

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@swamplord666:  Hehe, yeah I might try that some day. I'm probably percieved as a cold hearted asshole without any form of empathy the way I am right now. I just say it as it is, because I want them to leave as quickly as possible. I've learned that is the fastest way to make them move on. "It's the rules, the container is too big so I leave you with two options: Either you check it in, or you leave it here" I throw in a sorry somewhere in between. They start saying how stupid it is. Instead of responding, I "listen" and I say that I understand their frustration and whatnot. Works every time :)
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Screened. I lurk on both that and Tested, but Screened is the only one I post on. Rarely as it is.

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<--- I'm gonna let my golden medal do the talking.

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I spent over 200 hours in Fallout 3, and still wanted more. So C.

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@hedfone said:
" @astrotriforce said:
" Definitely eyes for me. There is nothing better than looking deep into a girl's eyes.  "
gay "
Personally, I can't resist a tight ass. *drewl*
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I work as airport security on the side of my studies. 
I love the job because of the great enviroment. Great people to work with. I've learned to ignore the angry passengers :P