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Modern Warfare. I didn't like BFBC2 that much. I looking forward to BF3 though. I spent countless of hours on BF2. My main profile, plus alts. And 550 hours is not accurate because I played a lot on unranked servers.
Yeah, I'm changing my answer to Battlefield.

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@conrow: Did you try Alan Wake or did you just read what other people thought of it? Because I loved that game.
For me, Call of Duty, World at War. I never planned on buying it in the first place.. but still.
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@Kyreo said:
" @foggel said:
" @LiquidPrince said:
" @Kyreo said:
" @LiquidPrince said:
" What's an MTA? "
I was waiting for someone else to ask TBH. "
What's that supposed to mean?"
His sentence means that he didn't dare to ask, because he figured this was an abbreviation everybody knew about. And asking would be kind of embarrassing.  Although there is sincerety in what he said, I believe he kind of also meant it as a joke. "
You are correct, sir! "
I should make a career out of my psychic skills!
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I was about to post this one aswell. I want one :)
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My first one was RE5, but when the first DLC came out I lost it.
Later I got the MW2 S-rank.

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@MasterOfPenguins_Zell said:
" I sort of like having the option to grind a bit to get an advantage. It's not very RPG for me to not be able to do that. "
Yes, this.
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Screened, solely because of eyepatch guy.

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Finally something I don't want to unsee.

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I feel the "who would win" thread is not entirely ready yet. First we need to give them superpowers, and then debate how battles would turn out.
I bet Brad would be able to stun anyone with his deep voice. His basic tactic would be to first roar with incredible force, stunning the enemy, and then unleash a tornado from his powerful lungs. How can anyone stand a chance?