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It's worth getting for the exclusives.

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I'd say yes. Although I supported DA2, and I never signed the ME3 petition. My conscience is clean.

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You're going on this trip, and there's nothing they can do about it. When they start screaming it's because they raise the level of energy in the conversation. This is a technique used by many to get their way. The best way to retaliate to this is to not let the energy level of your voice raise to their level. That's their field, and they will win.

Keep calm, and explain why you want to go. By keeping calm they might get even more frustrated in an attempt to shake you up, but keep calm. Let them finish their sentences, and when they have nothing more to say... if it feels natural to reply, you do, if not, just say that you understand they are worried but you have made your choice.

Over time they will hopefully accept that you've grown up:)

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I meant to buy Wii when it went on sale, but never did. I voted C, but we'll see (not intended.) Maybe SmartGlass will turn out better.

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@FancySoapsMan said:
Mass Effect 2 and Assassin's Creed 2.
I don't understand. Those games are objectively great.
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I guess they're trying to prolong the product life cycle of the PS3 by another 2 years.

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@MKSKILLZ16: I have a degree and work in advertising, lol. Just kind of seem like you didn't know, the answers do lie in quite basic psychology. 
It's not about justifying ones existence, because it can't be. We're all a result of a series of coincidences, and for he past millions of years, evolution. And in evolution the humans that have cared are the ones who have survived. Those who have had his psychological build-up are the ones who have been most fit. That's why we can use Maslow and psychology to atleast partially explain this question. 
But if you want answers, this is not the most original question. It's probably in some book, somewhere.
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If you don't care, it's because lower tier needs in the Maslow have not been satisfied. If you do care, I guess it has something to do with social identity etc. 
Edit: Helping other people and contributing to society needs emerges at the Esteem tier.  
Also, an interesting side note: At this tier an individual also wants to share content one feels would be of value to others, such as new, or a funny picture. This is partially why content goes viral on the internet. Other reasons to share content is to "confirm" ones social identity, or hope to reach ones ideal social identity. Maybe as a sports expert, or fashionista.

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@CrusaderNoRemorse said:

Actually, it seems that helicopters can fight jets pretty well.

Makes it possible for helicopters to take down jets, must now find a way to make jets better in fights against helicopters. 
And so begins the spiral.
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@GunslingerPanda said:

I agree. Consoles are kind of a joke when you're old enough to get a job and maintain a PC.

To me it has gone the other way. I had been using PC for all my life untill 5 years ago. So at the age of 19 I went to console gaming from PC. I have a lot of friends on Xbox live, so by the press of a button I can chat with them. I usually have a laptop on my side that I idle on facebook and skype with.