Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Burrito

Inspired by a moment of conversation in the latest Bombcast, I made the decision to eat this year's Thanksgiving leftovers in burrito form.

I warmed up some mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, and cranberry relish, and steamed a flour tortilla in a basket steamer over a pan of water.

I probably put too much on there.

I did my best Moe's impression.

Results: Same delicious Thanksgiving flavor mix in a self-contained delicious package.

Huge success!

Posted by The_Reflection

White meat?

You're a monster.

Posted by TheGlitchmaster

As someone who loves combining foods in seemingly gross yet delicious ways, I approve of this wholeheartedly.

Edited by Haethos

Looks spectacular. Good job :D

Posted by Vance_Helsing

Hell yeah.

You know what'd be kind of nuts? Add some mashed sweet potatoes to that, I'm assuming the sweet mixture/texture would be akin to a plantain burrito.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Swap that cranberry for some gravy and toss one of those my way.

Posted by Sterling

I too did this last night. But no cranberries for me. And I added cheese into the mix. Was pretty good.

Posted by darkvare

why would you wrap it in tinfoil

Posted by Devil240Z

White meat?

You're a monster.

dark meat is disgusting.

Also I could totally do this so I probably will.

I also had an idea to take some of those canned dinner rolls and flatten one with a rolling pin and then make a mini pie filled with leftovers.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

I'm hungry now.

Posted by Nightriff

God damn I'm jealous, you are one lucky son of a bitch