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That's Vinny as fuck.

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I didn't back the Kickstarter because I never really liked Frequency, but if I had done so I would now feel like I had been taken advantage of, especially if anything happened to Drake or Pope. All of the shits I give about Harmonix revolve around those guys.

The success of the Kickstarter is more than likely the only reason they could keep their jobs.

Is it confirmed that they did?

Yup Amplitude is one of the things that can keep going. IT stands to reason without the kickstarter there would be no funding and no game, thus no need for that staff. Kickstarter funds pays their wage during the production.

In the wake of Drake's departure, I reiterate my misgivings about Harmonix.

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So is this a "Fuck Harmonix" situation or a "Drake gotta be Drake" situation?

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There's a design decision in Giant Bomb that drives me up the wall. Let's say I've opened a few tabs of videos that I want to watch. I click on a tab in my browser tab bar, then move the mouse down to the play button in the middle of the video pane. On the way down the cursor passes over the "Reviews" button, which makes a menu appear a split second later, more or less exactly when I'm trying to click on the video pane. The menu is comprised of large, solid buttons instead of individual links, so any place I hit will load a new page, causing me to lose my place in the video. Depending on circumstances, the results range from moderately irritating to disastrous in contexts when buffering video is at a premuim. Is there anything that can be done about this?

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Drew comes off as a super interesting and confident dude with a unique and fascinating perspective. I think he's both a better fit and a more interesting perspective to have on the podcast than Patrick..

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@unclebenny: Come on, it's never been proven in a court of law that he killed that girl.