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@flippyandnod: Just as a note, I didn't mention Brad (beyond his reckoning with Dan) because he's the most OG member of the Bombcast crew after Jeff, and I was generally talking about people coming and going. I probably should have mentioned Brad's hosting though, and I agree that it's great. He is more engaged, and while I wouldn't quite characterize his prior contributions in the same way you do I am glad to see more come out of him. It's also just structurally better to have a more grounded personality in the hosting position so that the madness (Jeff, Dan) can come in from the edges. That's why The Hotspot with host Rich Gallup and On the Spot with host Ryan Davis worked so well, and why things sometimes got a little flat when Jeff subbed in.

We have more and better Brad now, and it's making for better podcasts.

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@brodehouse: Jeff is simultaneously the most committed video game fan and the most jaded man alive. What will or will not grab him is a perpetual mystery. I feel like pushing through numbness is his primary motivator, which is both scary and compelling. He can go to dark places quickly and with a specificity that would be unsettling if it weren't hilarious. Regarding taste, I don't expect to agree with him but it's impossible not to respect him.

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Now I'm eternally bummed we can't experience the surely magical interactions between Ryan and Dan. :(

So true. Ryan taking Dan to task on the things he says would've been a comedy goldmine.

You guys made me sad

Ryan's grand exasperation was comedy gold. You guys are correct, and I too am now bummed.

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@saft: I love Metal Gear Scanlon. My wife thinks I'm crazy for watching videos of other people playing an old game that I could just replay myself.

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@fear_the_booboo: I don't hate Patrick, I just got tired of him. And I do like some level of Indie Darling advocacy, but I think Brad's enthusiasm for things like Brothers is more compelling.

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@towersixteen I think it has to do with the differences in what they present. Patrick presents a lot more judgment of games and people, which invites more judgment on himself. I'm not specifically talking about his social justice aspect (although that feeds into it), but also the way he presents precious, art-housey games as nigh-exclusively worthy of praise. Meanwhile, Dan just likes simple things, which is more difficult to argue with. He says stuff like "Kraft Mac & Cheese is the greatest food in the world" and there's no need to debate him because everybody understands that that's fucking crazy. Meanwhile his childlike enthusiasm and his commitment to ridiculousness is just super endearing.

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Loving it. Brad's Jetsonesque fear of where he's steering the ship is really excellent. He's an excellent straight man for Jeff and Dan's madness.

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That's Vinny as fuck.

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