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Sony's attempt to get the goodwill of the hardcore "gamer" for lack of a better term is so perfect. This statement seems real and probably is to a great extent.

Thanks Sony.

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I admire your dedication to experimentation and constantly trying something new. Someone's gotta keep things moving forward.

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I think the foreword to Worth Reading is my favorite thing about them.

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West Roxbury, MA, USA

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This is awesome! Homebrewing and PAX/Giantbomb/CAH! Some of my favorite things!

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I didn't realize the web version of 2048 wasn't ad supported. I feel way better about that guy now.

Great article as always, Scoops.

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Wow, that late night T stuff is great! I live an hour and a half away on the T, and if I wanted to not drive I'd have to take a taxi home. Now I can go out after PAX and not have to worry about parking/driving! (though the bus I take home isn't late night, but that's way more manageable)

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This is certainly better than "Our game is completely broken. Now you can get double XP if you manage to get in!"

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Video Games and Famous! YEAH!

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"Bithell was not alone"

Nice one Scoops. Nice.