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Too much power thirst, Jeff...

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Winner X360

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*rolls out the faygo* TIME TO PARTY BRO!

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@Chaser324: Yeah, I like them.  I am not afraid of color, and yellow happens to be one of the better ones in my opinion.
And really riotbananas?  I've tried several times, it always seems to stay angled up.  it seems like if I tried it would break the stand.
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On the left is my xbox, on the right is a SNES, a Genesis, and an N64, and dead center is my friend's gamecube that I'm borrowing.  Most of it's going through s-video/composite, which is pretty kickass.  The only real problem with my setup is my consoles in the upper right are a tight/messy fit, and the way the lighting in my room is I get a NASTY glare on my TV.  If only I could angle it down...
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Jonathan Blow seems like a douche.

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@jNerd: Sick Fuck

Sick Fuck
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@JamesBoyce: Wait, you ate crushed up piss right now?  WITHOUT ANYONE FORCING YOU?!?!?!?  There are more sick fucks on Giant Bomb than I imagined.
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@SJSchmidt93: Now, this is how I'd drink a glass of piss.  Easy to chug!  Get it down in one gulp and get it over with.

@Karn: You sick fuck.  You'd drink it and enjoy it?!?
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@Jambones: Maybe it would kill the taste a bit, but not enough.  When it's cold you need to sip it slower.  A possible upside though is it might numb your mouth.

@Br3adfan: Yeah, hit and run with an image, why don'tcha! Why not at least contribute?  You should be more on topic.

@JamesBoyce: Not possible.  You need to drink it therefore it needs to be a liquid.  I mean, if it could change state, I would have it evaporate and breathe it in, but that's not possible.