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Yeah! Columns! I love Columns!

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This is great news and awful news. I loved the random Dave sightings, but I also love Rorie. Good luck, Dave, and I hope you show up on the site as much if not more frequently than you did before.

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I don't even remember what was on my list at this point. I should probably go back and check.

Well, it looks like I already bought a couple games from my list.

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I've got 54 unread messages in my inbox permanently, though really I have none.

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@jakob187: Yeah, mine says I have 54 messages unread, though I don't know if I've even received 54 messages on this website.

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1) Serious Sam 3

2) Hitman: Blood Money

3) Deus Ex/DLC

4) Orcs must die 1

5) Orcs must die 2

6) Mark of the Ninja

7) Torchlight 2

8) Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

9) Castle Crashers

10) Awesomenauts

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Obviously Vinny was trying to impress some firefighters.

I voted for E, personally. A fireman's pole is only a fireman's pole until Vinny starts stripping, and Vinny is definitely stripping in my head.

<3 Biff

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I sent a PM with codes for Cave Story and Isaac from the most recent bundle.

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I'd watch a video series about craft beer. That sounds awesome!

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Right. Tom Martell went through it slowly, and clearly labeled how he was cheating. I hope Wizards does something about this (which they probably will, considering what happened with Alex Bertoncini)