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I think the answer is a column on the main side for purely community links.  One for IRC, Vent if you get one, maybe some gameservers for the PC guys, and maybe a link to a bombing run podcast.  I know if all that was there before, I would have jumped right in MUCH sooner.  I only saw the IRC through someone's status in the top points count list (Mattbodega's I think) and if I had seen it earlier, I totally would have BEEN there earlier.  This is the main issue.  People are unaware. I found out about them BR from this thread, and same with the community podcast.  But now I'm subscribed, and I'm showing up weekly!

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has anyone else played it at all? I beat every single level (regular AND the 100 bonus levels) with my brother.  Do you like this game? Why? Who is your favorite enemy to face? Which do you think is the most annoying?

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Amsterdam surely.

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What about woodman? Or hardman? I think I'd like those.

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Megaman games are known for legendary sound.  This one better follow suit.  That's part of what brings so many people into it :D

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I had megaman for the game boy as a young'un, but I could never beat a level.  I got to the boss stage ONE time and I was so proud.  Now I play megaman 1 and 2 usually, and I'm really excited for 9

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it depends on what you're talking about.  The X series is okay, and the zero series is okay, but the battle network is horrible.

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I dugg it already.

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Wolverine said:
"Sid Meier name on games is like Tom Clancy in a way, it basically says that the game is quality."
Except that Tom Clancy doesn't always remind me of quality :P
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Moose205 said:
"I like Milo's hamburgers and Cheesecake Factory hamburgers.
really? that doesn't seem like it would be the best place to get a hamburger.  Weird, man.