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Right. Tom Martell went through it slowly, and clearly labeled how he was cheating. I hope Wizards does something about this (which they probably will, considering what happened with Alex Bertoncini)

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Cedric Phillips has been playing it on his twitch a lot in between matches on MTGO, and he's been winning a lot with it. Rancor makes that deck legitimate. Having a pump spell that is basically infinite except for unsummons, and makes it so your dude can't be chumped? That's insane.

By the way, did anyone catch the twitter controversy? Apparently in the finals, one of the guys from Puerto Rico, the one playing affinity in modern, looked VERY suspicious. Tom Martell livestreamed it and detailed how he was cheating and why he thinks he was cheating.


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I guess Team USA is eliminated. Bummersville, LSV and Kibler are probably my favorite pros.

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My favorite part of this is the Garvas Elscott appearance.

Also, they didn't start doing full live streams of pro tour/gp events until this past year at some point (can't remember when)

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@TehFlan said:

Hopefully this is as weird as the fan art is going to get. In any case, this is pretty clever and well done.

I hope it's not. I hope it gets way weirder.


Because I love that shit.

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I'm assuming Alex has the band-aid on his chin because he jumped off the couch and fell or something.

Goddamn rascal.

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Sure. I mean, if you want to be that reductive about it, you might as well not play drinking games because they all end up being "Drink when something happens."

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That's probably true, but you use these rules to get drunk. If you can't follow the rules of this game because you're too drunk, you should probably stop playing.

Also, when in doubt, drink.

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So, after watching the SNES marathon, my brain started cooking. Immediately.

I wanted to make a Super Mario World drinking game.

So I did. And I'm pretty proud of it.

Please look at it.


Suggestions are welcome!


Play Super Mario World

Switch off on a per-level/death basis.

Follow the section that pertains to you (playing/not playing)

Not Playing:

Drink every time someone beats a level.

Drink for every 1-up collected.

Drink for every halfway point.

Drink for every dragon coin.

Drink one every time Yoshi is found.

Waterfall for the duration of a star.

Drink for every 1-up received in a bonus area


Drink every time you die.

Player must drink two to be able to go to top secret area. Add one for every castle/fortress completed at the time.

Player must drink two to return to a previous level (unless that level has a secret to unlock)

If you die by time, shotgun a beer.

If you die in a switch palace, take 3 drinks instead of the normal one.

Drink three if you take the wrong exit out of a ghost house (i.e. it goes nowhere, or somewhere already completed)


Drink 4 drinks for every ghost house and castle completed.

Drink one every time Yoshi dies, or is left behind. OUNCE FOR MY HOMIE!

Finish your drink for every game over screen.

Chug/Shotgun a beer when Bowser is defeated.

Finish your drink every time a switch palace completed.


Green Yoshi: Normal

Blue Yoshi: Every drink is poured into a community cup. Whoever loses the Yoshi has to drink it.

Red Yoshi: Take one drink more than asked for each time.

Yellow Yoshi: Player chooses a person before they start their level. That person's drink is doubled.

Special Completed: Double Drinks for the rest of the game (except finishing a drink)

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Hell yeah Rock and Roll Racing screenshot!