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Sure. I mean, if you want to be that reductive about it, you might as well not play drinking games because they all end up being "Drink when something happens."

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That's probably true, but you use these rules to get drunk. If you can't follow the rules of this game because you're too drunk, you should probably stop playing.

Also, when in doubt, drink.

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So, after watching the SNES marathon, my brain started cooking. Immediately.

I wanted to make a Super Mario World drinking game.

So I did. And I'm pretty proud of it.

Please look at it.


Suggestions are welcome!


Play Super Mario World

Switch off on a per-level/death basis.

Follow the section that pertains to you (playing/not playing)

Not Playing:

Drink every time someone beats a level.

Drink for every 1-up collected.

Drink for every halfway point.

Drink for every dragon coin.

Drink one every time Yoshi is found.

Waterfall for the duration of a star.

Drink for every 1-up received in a bonus area


Drink every time you die.

Player must drink two to be able to go to top secret area. Add one for every castle/fortress completed at the time.

Player must drink two to return to a previous level (unless that level has a secret to unlock)

If you die by time, shotgun a beer.

If you die in a switch palace, take 3 drinks instead of the normal one.

Drink three if you take the wrong exit out of a ghost house (i.e. it goes nowhere, or somewhere already completed)


Drink 4 drinks for every ghost house and castle completed.

Drink one every time Yoshi dies, or is left behind. OUNCE FOR MY HOMIE!

Finish your drink for every game over screen.

Chug/Shotgun a beer when Bowser is defeated.

Finish your drink every time a switch palace completed.


Green Yoshi: Normal

Blue Yoshi: Every drink is poured into a community cup. Whoever loses the Yoshi has to drink it.

Red Yoshi: Take one drink more than asked for each time.

Yellow Yoshi: Player chooses a person before they start their level. That person's drink is doubled.

Special Completed: Double Drinks for the rest of the game (except finishing a drink)

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Hell yeah Rock and Roll Racing screenshot!

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I'm looking mostly at Hybrid and Tony Hawk.

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I don't know how they could put this on the screen and not expect everyone to thing super smash bros:

That's what got me really bummed. I was expecting that kind of an announcement, and it ended up being...Nintendoland? The show started off with a real banger: Pikmin 3, and Miyamoto being him, which can steal anyone's cynicism! People have been calling for that for a while, and that was awesome. Then there was some Mario Bros. stuff, which is pretty old at this point. Then fitness. Then music. And apps. And mini games. It all came crashing down. I still, foolishly, held hope that they would announce a new smash bros. game, because what else could that image be? Oh, wait? It's over? Instant disappointment, my heart sank, and I hit rock bottom. Major disappointment, and that's how Nintendo fooled me again. At the beginning of the show, I was thinking I might actually want to buy one of these.

The show got me way more excited about the 3DS than anything else. Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion are way more exciting than mini games and a new old new super mario bros game. And hell, there are like, 5 of them on the 3DS, right? And a bunch of old super mario bros games on the 3DS virtual console?

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Ooh, Clint Hocking!

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I was the same way. A very high win/loss ratio, then getting crushed over and over. Now I'm back to 50%% and I know what I need to improve on with my character (as well as what I need to purchase to get the optimal build)

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I love to hear Telltale doing well.

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It really boils down to preference. GTA 4 is a solid game. It's like a GTA game but more serious, and plays better than any GTA game in the past. Also, the DLC is awesome as mentioned previously.

Far Cry 2 on the other hand is a game that sometimes transcends moments in GTA 4, but has a lot of frustrations you need to push through, like constantly needing to blow past checkpoints, and annoying AI.

Again. Let's compare Starcraft 2 to Angry birds.