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This is awesome! Homebrewing and PAX/Giantbomb/CAH! Some of my favorite things!

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I didn't realize the web version of 2048 wasn't ad supported. I feel way better about that guy now.

Great article as always, Scoops.

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Wow, that late night T stuff is great! I live an hour and a half away on the T, and if I wanted to not drive I'd have to take a taxi home. Now I can go out after PAX and not have to worry about parking/driving! (though the bus I take home isn't late night, but that's way more manageable)

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This is certainly better than "Our game is completely broken. Now you can get double XP if you manage to get in!"

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Video Games and Famous! YEAH!

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"Bithell was not alone"

Nice one Scoops. Nice.

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My trust is with Double Fine. I'm not a game developer, so I'm not going to speculate on how this reflects on them (from what I've been seeing on twitter all day, this is basically just business as usual. Also reaffirmed in this article)

I've already given them my money, I'm just going to wait and not think about it so I don't get too excited this far out.

Good article, Patrick, because even though I'm a backer, I ignored the email I received and had no idea of the message from Tim.

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Yeah! Columns! I love Columns!

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This is great news and awful news. I loved the random Dave sightings, but I also love Rorie. Good luck, Dave, and I hope you show up on the site as much if not more frequently than you did before.

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I don't even remember what was on my list at this point. I should probably go back and check.

Well, it looks like I already bought a couple games from my list.