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I need a new pair of pants. God DAMN I hope this actually pulls through!

Who would write it do you think? Wolpaw is Valve-only now, right?

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Do you know why it's so good?

He kept doing it wrong, and had to relive the time making it until he got it right.

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I agree with all of these suggestions, but I'd like to add The Binding of Isaac, Flotilla, and Gravity Bone. Also, I haven't found a game by Blendo Games that I haven't liked.

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I know almost nothing about LoL, but I would LOVE to watch other people who know nothing fail at it.

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What I want to know is how linear it is. I played the demo at PAX East, and it felt like the game was telling me what to do, and not me finding where I need to go and figuring out how to do it.

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Rad! I'll be on once I can get UT2004 working.

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Here's a personal favorite summer jam.

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@Subject2Change: Imagine if they did a set of statues for the current rotation of planeswalkers? That'd be way sicker than Serra Angel and Shivan Dragon.

I probably wouldn't buy them though, as I don't tend to have statues, or the extra money to buy them (it usually gets sucked into M:TG somewhere) and anything more than 25 bucks for a statue seems too much.