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Better than Activision buying it.

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Probably Pac Man or Ms. Pac Man/Galaga. I have some good memories with the star wars game, track and field, and a weird version of dig dug for arcades. I'd probably go for the Ms. Pac Man/Galaga combo for value.

Or, wait. Marble Madness...

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@blaineblaine I want to sleep with them, but that's more for the girl part than the gamer part.

@Pinworm45 Lesbian

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@Shard: It's true. And they're gross.

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@FRW456: Welcome to the site.

Also, welcome to the internet. There are people you don't like who will interact with you.

Also, while I see your point, Sin4Profit brings up a good point about that tit-picture. Quoth the magic 8-ball, all signs lead to "boob"

Also, girl gamer is a terrible label. It enables the aforementioned attention seekers.

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Mendel Palace. The forum is just me talking about this game, no replies, desperately searching for someone else who has played this hidden gem. To this day, I have found none. I'm not even sure if the people who made the wiki are real, or if they're alternate accounts of mine.

I played this game a ton as a kid though at my grandmother's. She had an NES so we could have something to do, and this game was one of the better ones. It's fucking TOUGH when you get to the end, though.

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Fuzion Frenzy came out in 2001, nullifying your point. Sorry I had to be a party pooper, bro.

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Liberty Bells: Grabbing a bell scores you points.

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1) I was at a Magic: The Gathering event in Providence (Gran Prix Providence) and saw a giant bomb shirt.

2) I went into my local game store on a Wednesday to play some Magic: The Gathering and saw a giant bomb shirt there.