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Sounds like exactly what I'm hoping for. I guess I have to pull the trigger on this, it just looks to good. Plus I don't mind buying anything from Bioware
I wish there was a demo for X360, I'll probably end up renting it eventually if the PC version kicks my ass or just to see the difference.
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 XD, the responses here are pretty mixed. I'm leaning towards getting it though. To the people who are saying no, what game do you recommend then to start with and maybe work my up to Dragon Age?
Also, I've actually never played WoW, but I've seen people play it and it's always seemed interesting to. I've just never felt like trying it. What I meant to say is that DAO looks like WoW to me and I've heard that WoW has a pretty easy learning curve, at least for just playing casually so I was hoping DAO was the same. 
@DrDemon said:

" i'm pretty much in your same situation and i got and i'm loving it so far "

What difficulty are you playing on?
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I've played console RPGs, Mass Effect and Fallout are two of my favorite games, and I've played others like fable etc.. but all of them are more like action RPGs. I have never played a more tactics based RPG like Dragon Age before. The gameplay looks kind of like WoW to me, but I could be way off because I've never really played it. I want to try it on the PC because it seems to be the supperior version but I'm afraid to drop $50 on a game that is outside my comfort zone of controls.
How friendly is this game to RPG beginners? Are there tutorials on basic stuff like combat and party management or are you expected to know this stuff already?  Has anyone else played this as a first timer?

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Of course it would be down at the same time as Steam -_-

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (not really canceled but either way)
Arrested Development was genius

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bjorno said:
"Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing."
My bad. This is actually the best value in video games.
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vidiot said:
"Final Fantasy VIII has an intro that is so obscenely epic that it's impossible to understand what the hell is going on when you first watch it. More recently, Bioshock gets my praise as well as The Darkness, Call of Duty 4, and Mass Effect."
Ditto on Mass Effect. The first time I played that game it gave me goosebumbs, the music is really what makes the intro special.
Also "Point Insertion" is the what I would consider the intro to Half Life 2. Totally sucked me in within the first 10 seconds.
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Every PC gamer should own The Orange Box. It's by far the best value in video games.  Imho
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There are actually quite a few in game references to  LOST in HL Episode 2. Valve are confessed fans of the show.

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Wolverine said:
"I used to but now I'm just subscribed to all the podcasts. Do you guys watch the show? What do you like/dislike about it?"
I guess I would say my greatest dislike is how that show has completely destroyed what G4 used to be and replaced it with some of the worst shit on tv.