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Giant home for Chinese T.V. news.

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I like the random articles. This site has all sorts of random video content, so why not do the same for the written word?

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I voted yes just to be a dick.....don't be a dick like me.

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Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol


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@fonkymucker: You microwave your hotdogs and you call them weird?

No, that is gross as well.....but considerably LESS gross than Raw-dogging it. Grilling is the obvious best method, but I also don't mind a boiled-dog.

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I saw the title for this thread and though it was going to be about some super depressed duder who can't even bother to use a microwave because life has become so dreary.......Instead I find its filled with weirdos .


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@htr10 said:

Bottom line is that only one woman thus far has had the chops to handle being a part of the Giant Bomb community and that's Dave's sister. She is the only right choice for a permanent female addition:

Karen Synder on TNT

I saw this thread and was just thinking about all the random times Karen Synder came on the show and absolutely killed it without even trying.

Lady energy is always nice to add to the show.

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On the plus side, Parks & Rec. got another season!

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As a new subscriber I HIGHLY recommend you watch the Bioforge playthrough with Vinny and Scoops (Drew and Danny stop by through the series as well). Some of the funniest shit I have ever seen on Giant Bomb. It starts with Unprofessional Friday, and then spins off to Backflips and Bioforge.

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You know, indie developers are having just as hard of a time getting on the big gaming sites....and are desperate for any type of press. Imagine all of the interesting and undiscovered stories you could tell by dredging the waters of unknown indie game devs. Its also something that the big guys can't do because it would take too much time and resources. If its a interesting enough story I am sure you could get gamastutra to link it on there site.