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Holy. Fucking. Shit. 
That is mindblowing. I managed to get the cure, but it cost the lives of many people close... depressing even in the "good" ending. 
That was amazing.

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Looks and sounds so undeniably Japanese. No surprise in the giant robot. 
Even the woman being a robot I was kind of expecting... let's see what comes up of this.

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Steam: afontanm

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@Brendan: I can think of the many reasons why I don't hate mages and use them as base for my arguments. Upon reading the post I could combine what I read with what I know and formulate upon it.  No secret there, really, is there? 
Also, I was merely trying to convey the disappointment in reading what I unfortunately read.
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@Axxol said:
"Why did I expect to see a blog with a few paragraphs explaining why the OP hates mages? "

Same here. I was actually disappointed and already making up some counter-arguments.
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Got them last week.
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@gabha said:
" Change from glass half-empty to glass half-full outlook, I can guarantee you that there are a Billion people who are now worse off than you by the very fact that you have the luxury to post on the Internet. "
Now that is a much better way then I would ever put it. 
I'm an optimistic but I share an apartment with a guy that complains the whole fucking time. You think things are bad, try listening to a complaint first thing in the morning. ¬¬
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @Fattony12000 said:
" @zudthespud: @Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @zudthespud said:
" Why does it have to be GT5?  "
this is a driving music thread, but since a big racing game was released a coupla days ago, why not make it a GT5 edition !    and... i have alot of choices "
 What he said, you may have heard, but GT5 is kind of a big deal round here.Most of the music in it sucks exploding balls, however. "
how do you suck that which is constantly exploding ? "
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Depends on what you want to play. They are very different games.

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@STALKERrulez said:
" @Ignor said:
" @STALKERrulez:  Brilliant! How much time did you spend on this masterpiece? "
Roughly about 10 minutes. :)  I've made it short, simple, and to the point. "

Ang ugly, and lame and a lot of other bad adjectives I won't even bother to remember.