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just got ultra and and I've been beaten to a bloody pulp, still wanting more though :)

PSN: Boomshankafoo

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Just started playing it. I haven't played an Ace combat game since the psx days and I'm having a blast. I might give the multiplayer a try a little later on hopefully there will be people playing it.

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Your steam name BoomShanka Foo

Your location and what times you are available to play: UK usually 6pm onwards

Experience beginner

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc) still learning but had practice with Nyx, dwarvern sniper and Lina

I am still a noob but I think in order for me to progress I need to start playing some real matches and not against bots

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I have 12 to give away PM me your steam ID's if you want 1 or them all I just want rid of them

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steam ID: BoomShanka Foo

really want to get into the game, but non of my friends are really that interested even though I (forcefully) handed them free keys. done a few bot matches on my own but that isn't helping me at all.

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I have 5 to give away pm me if interested

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ever since the close quarters maps have been released I find that all the B2K maps with exception to wake island fail to load. any ideas why this is and what the solution is, I've looked everywhere for simular problems and all I find are posts from 5 months ago which dont really help me out all that much.

any assistance on this is hugely appreciated

this is the PC version of the game for the record

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Origin ID: BoomShank_Foo

Steam ID: BoomShanka Foo

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shame i like the look of this

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@Tonyyj said:

Any of the Metal Gear series. I can see the production values, gameplay, and story as well-polished and well made but for some reason I just can't bring myself to finish more than a quarter of each game. I always start off super enthusiastic about it, but after maybe 2-3 days I just stop playing for good.

I felt the same way about bastion. Everything about that game I love, but the actual gameplay just doesn't work for me

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