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As I was reading this I was really hoping that this was just a cruel joke to do with him getting married but seeing that it has been posted on so many sites and twitter feeds I guess this must be heartbreakingly true.

My heart and thoughts are with his wife and all of the guys at Giant Bomb and Gamespot who he has worked with over the years. His presence around these parts will be missed for sure.

I'm shocked by this news to say the least.

My Gran always used to say... only the good die young. Rest in peace Ryan. Your legacy here are at Giant Bomb will last to the ages.

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@Butano: I wonder if the Mike Jones working for them on that project is the same Mike Jones who used to make some really spectacular courses for the golf game Links 2003.

The style seems kinda similar.

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I remember ITV being roasted for the ArmA II footage. How they even thought that was real I dunno.

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@dbene: The reason it says 20 additional courses is because it's Tiger Woods 13 "The Masters" Special Edition. The way EA look at it is the game is all about the Augusta National... then all the other courses in the game are additional.

You'll note that the ordinary edition of the game says on the box Tiger Woods 13 includes "The Masters"

I guess this is EA's way of making the game look like is has way more stuff in the special edition than there actually is.

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One thing I noticed you got with the Collectors Edition is a set of "Masters" golf clubs.

Which until you unlock the EA Hammerhead Prototype clubs at the end of the game are pretty much THE best clubs you can use.

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Game Over ?

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@drag: Gonna have to agree with this man... Bourbon biscuits are where it's at.