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These kinds of threads/posts are really common when a popular game comes out and Jeff doesn't like it.

Jeff seems to like destiny exactly as much as I expected him to. I don't think anything has changed.

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They are completely different games. I don't understand

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The kickstarter seemed really scummy and ill advised from the start.

I mean, I can understand someone who is passionate about a certain kind of game, wanting to make that kind of game. I'm sure everyone here has had ideas they wanted to see in games they love.

And if you are the Yogscast, you potentially have the clout and capital to do that for yourselves.

The problem comes when they start making "and you can play as Lewis" and jaffacakes and shit a core feature of your game. It just comes off as shitty and pandering

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So much content, but TI4 + my job starting this week means I haven't seen any of it!

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Most of the conventional press is new to the moba genre. The international got a new swell of people interested in it, including journalists, and Dota is the newer one. Its not as popular as League, but it is still bat shit crazy popular, and it has the reputation of being a harder game to master, so it kind of seems natural to start there if you are knew to the genre.

You know each game will take hundreds of hours to "master", so yeah it seems logical to start with the one that will take you farther and potentially be around longer.

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Exploration with nothing else is not appealing to me.

I guess that means I am ruining video games guys, sorry!

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So, like I said, you save money by not drinking. But for those of you in your 20's, looking to make friends, this is a pretty good case to suck it up and just drink

@pinner458 said:

There's a guy in my college that doesn't drink but when ever we decide to go out, like all planning on getting proper messed up, he insists on coming and it is so annoying when he just sits around not drinking, he doesn't even get a coke.

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Not everyone likes drinking. I'm 22 and I don't drink.

Life is obviously easier, in some sense, if you are able to eat/drink what other people want to eat/drink. But you save alot of money, so that's cool

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Good luck!

I'm worried for giantbomb west, but family is important and I trust you guys to figure it out

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I have never heard the term "proc" and it sounds pretty dumb.

But then, I would never use term "crit" except ironically anyway. Perhaps this is why I don't play MMO's.

Oh wow. I need to know how you use crit ironically.