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... were the pizza rolls still cold?

also its been several years since I've had pizza rolls and now I really want some pizza rolls

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I was in the same boat. A week ago I was wondering what was happening with the game and poof, its out

I definitely want to play it but I don't know if I can justify $20 right now.

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You've only made it 3 days. I want to read a post two weeks from now. I imagine everything will be far less pleasant then :p

But hopefully you don't have to do it for that long. Good luck!

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I saw Honeymoon on Patricks recommendation and it got me good. Its been a long time since a movie freaked me out like this one.

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@foolishchaos: Is DA2 worth finishing? I have started it easily 5 times but never get beyond 15-20 hours in.

If you are having that much trouble with it, I would say no. The game only gets weaker over a playthrough

If you are interested in the story you can just look it up. If you are going to get DA:I, and want to import your DAO/DA2 world, they are using a save maker so its not a problem if you dont finish 2

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Probably my favorite game of all time.

DA2 was okay, if only because its set in the same universe and I loved origins so much! I replayed it recently, and it held up much better given the distance (I was so excited for it at launch).

Would highly recommend this to anyone who likes RPGs, and could squirrel away 50ish hours to play it

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Love ya patrick, but yea the link you posted to shadowfiend and the pics are of his old model. You don't even really need to link to his stats or whatever, because nothing of significance changed about him aside from his appearance.

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These kinds of threads/posts are really common when a popular game comes out and Jeff doesn't like it.

Jeff seems to like destiny exactly as much as I expected him to. I don't think anything has changed.

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They are completely different games. I don't understand

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The kickstarter seemed really scummy and ill advised from the start.

I mean, I can understand someone who is passionate about a certain kind of game, wanting to make that kind of game. I'm sure everyone here has had ideas they wanted to see in games they love.

And if you are the Yogscast, you potentially have the clout and capital to do that for yourselves.

The problem comes when they start making "and you can play as Lewis" and jaffacakes and shit a core feature of your game. It just comes off as shitty and pandering