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Good luck!

I'm worried for giantbomb west, but family is important and I trust you guys to figure it out

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I have never heard the term "proc" and it sounds pretty dumb.

But then, I would never use term "crit" except ironically anyway. Perhaps this is why I don't play MMO's.

Oh wow. I need to know how you use crit ironically.

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Depends on the situation, but for a dota 2 example, I would rather say "mjolnir proc'd" than "mjolnir did the lightning thing".

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When I was like 13 my parents rented some anime movie to watch with me and my younger cousin. I don't remember what it was called, but the second half of the movie was filled with topless women fighting

I think my dad was more mortified than I was. But we rented the movie so damn it we were going to finish it, I guess?

Man that was awful

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I would wear that.

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John motherfuckin drake

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Thanks for doing this. I've never used Mixlr, do you have to constantly queue up stuff? Or can you basically just set up a playlist once for all 400 casts and just let it run on loop?

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You would think apple might want to intervene in cases such as this. If some of the best designers on your platform are considering leaving the platform, you should probably do something

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I feel like this feature has two prime requirements for an eligible game:
1. It must have a degree of mastery, so that the viewers can see the arc over time.

2. It needs to have a fairly compact "loop". A good run of spelunky takes around 20 minutes. Issac can take an hour. Both are within the general hour stream time.

So, while Dwarf Fortress has a ridiculous amount of mastery, the loop is wayyyy longer. It would be like watching someone play Civ5.

I like the idea of XCOM Ironman Impossible. Not only is there shit to learn and each mission is perfectly doable in the time allotted, but it is also a really fun game to watch.

But, yeah it comes down to what Patrick wants to play.

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"Boys, its time to panic"

"Looks like I brought my gun to a knife fight"

"I didn't see you there"