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So I originally listened to the performance, without the video.

Watching it happen was a whole nother level

That guy got into that shit

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1. Spelunkin' with Scoops 01/30/2014

2. Breaking Brad Demon's Souls Part 1

3. Quicklook Nidhogg

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Also, titans only being killable by slicing off a piece of their neck is pretty dumb. Even dumber that they don't reveal that for several episodes.

It seems dumb to you because you haven't figured out the reason for it.

It feels like the writers had this concept, a world where humans were no longer at the top, replaced by these unintelligent giants. Then they had to decide how to make this feasible.

In their deliberations they decided that it was unfeasible that an intelligent race with access to gunpowder would be so utterly powerless, a theme they very much wanted to explore, against an unintelligent race. So they had to figure out how to technically make them killable, but it can't be too easy because they really want it to seem hopeless. A bonus if the method involved extreme heroics. And so, cutting out a piece of neck from the back.

I'm sure they will explain it, as well as the construction of this ridiculously huge fuck-off wall. But it will be hard for me to not just see them as contrivances.

Still I will probably keep watching and report back if it changes my mind.

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The only long form anime/manga/thing I've enjoyed since I was 10 and reading Shonen Jump is Berserk.

AoT seemed to have similar grim sensibilities and grotesque, frightening enemies so I decided to give it a shot. I've finished 6 episodes and man... this is an anime.

I just can't get over some of the things that seemed to have utterly ingrained itself with in most anime. Just, main character yelling ridiculously whenever he gets upset about his goals, several times each episode. Stuff like that. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about.

Also, titans only being killable by slicing off a piece of their neck is pretty dumb. Even dumber that they don't reveal that for several episodes.

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Unless they were let go for bad reasons, why does a short stay at a previous job have to be a bad thing?

I appreciate your viewpoint, though it scares the shit out of me.

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I understand the sentiment. I too have plenty of steam games that I've bought and not played. But its hardly 30/300. Its probably more like 50/200, a vast majority of those being humble bundle games that I had no intention of playing anyway, they just came with this other game I wanted. I'm sure some people have the income to actually buy every game they see for $2-5, but I don't think those are the consumers you should be worried about.

Your scenario with the guy who only had $12 in the bank account? He won't be able to play your game.

edit: Also, inferring that most people who have steam sales are already millionaires, becoming multi-millionaires. How true is this?

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Yup I really enjoy watching DotA as well. I need a good commentator to go along with it, though.

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@benspyda said:

"Dynamic clothing damage which sees the girls’ garments get ripped from their bodies mid-combat."- Senran Kagura Burst gameplay feature

I have no problem with a game like Senran Kagura Burst existing and people enjoying it, that's perfectly fine. But Dragon's Crown was an amazing game that was hindered by it's portayal of woman, which was just unfortunate. It's like if a game with great gameplay came out but the main characters all had their dicks hanging out the whole time, that'd be a bummer.

Rust (well I can't speak to the quality of the game, but everyone has their dicks out all the time). Can you imagine the utter shitstorm that game would garner if it was naked women instead of men?

But instead its just kind of funny

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I played a bit of Ultra Business Tycoon III because of this article. Its fantastic. Some great writing in there

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Like @mariachimacabre said, the battlenet forums have been awful almost as far back as the World of Warcraft beta. I trust nothing that comes from that place. I am 100% sure the stability of the product will be fine when the game comes out.

The one thing I would definately not be 100% sure about when it comes to diablo 3 is stability on release