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Well its a pretty slow time for vidia games right now. Maybe they could take a page from patrick and do it more often than once a week

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That looks..... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! :O

That was nothing like COD. Just because it's also a FPS doesn't mean they're the same. Why people still expect completely unique gameplay from hyped up games is beyond me. Advances like that won't exist this generation/current hardware.

On the contrary, I'd say that it looked very much like COD with mechs and parkour, but not that that's a bad thing.

Also, whilst not for every game, I don't see why one should't hope for games that have completely unique gameplay, it's one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of gaming's evolution.

Please go into detail how it's so similar to COD other than the fact that you're shooting from eye-sight and it's on hardpoint mode.

Small player counts with fast, arcadey combat. The guns are very fast to ADS.

Battlefield has a hardpoint style mode and eye-sight aiming, but it feels like a completely different game. From the footage, this is far closer to CoD. Not that its a bad thing. people seem to take that the wrong way when they hear it

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I haven't seriously played a CoD since MW2. I do like those games, they just haven't been different enough to get me interested. This looks different enough!

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@patrickklepek: Thank you! You've been a huge GB content creator lately. Loving your enthusiasm

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How can you even know if you want more players in a match before playing the game though?

Because every FPS is the same, and everyone who has played an FPS knows exactly the number of players any FPS should have

In all seriousness, as someone who loved GoW's low player count Multi, im sure this will be fine guys. chill

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I'll buy both. Playing it on day 1 is important to the nature of the game, imo.

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Don't want to link it as some are slightly nsfw, but if you are looking for some damn good fantasy wallpapers google Frank Frazetta

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I envy you mate

Your first time through DS is a pretty awesome experience

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@believer258: There are Eroge stories that will make cry and also have tons of sex scenes in it. People dismiss these games because they have hardcore scenes in it without even take a look at it. Pf course you can say that you do not like it but saying it is crap just because it has porn in it?

It's not crap just because it has a lot of sex in it, it's crap because it appeals to nothing more than a person's most base desires. There's nothing wrong with that, but it hardly deserves any sort of award.

I believe the whole point of the thread is that it actually does appeal on other levels and is being ignored because of the sex stuff.

But OP, dawg, it is perfectly okay to ignore a game for one COMPLETELY fun-decimating fault. Especially to contend for something like GOTY.

Just because merit might exist in the product, you can't ask people, especially major publications, to slodge through something like that to find it.