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Just so sick of the whole fucking thing.

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Both the shotguns in Gears of War (1) and FEAR are pretty damn fun

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I love how everyone keeps calling the ps4 the ps3

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Guess I should finally play that copy of mgs4 I bought for $15 like 2 years ago

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Holy shit, USA's national costume

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That is fucking incredible

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You know, if you hate being vague, maybe don't be really fucking vague and doomsday to your relatively large number of followers?

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Oh WOW zombie panic source spiritual successor? Holy shit I loved that mod

Need to check this out

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Any difficulty lost was solely grinding in the older games. It was never hard, just mind numbingly boring

Time wasters being removed sounds good to me

The pokemon games have always been ridiculously easy

edit: As long as they are trying to balance the game towards XP share in mind I think its a good solution. Now the question is actually "what poke is the correct one to use here" and not "well I need to keep grinding this guy"

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The outrage at GTA5 makes me kind of angry, but more than anything it makes me feel helpless.

I don't see any way of defending it as a male gamer, who sometimes posts comments on the internet.

All I can say is that I don't think the game is alienating to female gamers. I don't think the torture scene is offensive; it does its job at being uncomfortable. I don't think that everything that happens in a games story needs to be morally analyzed and picked apart