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The outrage at GTA5 makes me kind of angry, but more than anything it makes me feel helpless.

I don't see any way of defending it as a male gamer, who sometimes posts comments on the internet.

All I can say is that I don't think the game is alienating to female gamers. I don't think the torture scene is offensive; it does its job at being uncomfortable. I don't think that everything that happens in a games story needs to be morally analyzed and picked apart

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This looks weird as hell... but their confidence in the precision of the track pads makes me interested. Looking forward to hear first impressions

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Do you guys remember how horribly un-optimized GTA4 was for PC? If you want it on PC because its all you have I understand, but if you want it on PC because you want a better experience I have a feeling you are going to be disapointed. Unless you have a ridiculous rig I suppose

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The 99 to 1 thing is like, as far as I can tell, not at all what Phil receives.

Just look at any of the comments on Polytron articles. Its probably, realistically, 1 in 50 of the people commenting are not personally attacking phil.

For whatever reason alot of the internet just hates the guy. It sucks, and I don't think its reasonable for him to put up with it. The way indie game development is these days, you are going to do better if you are active in social media. But it cannot be worth it if literally every 49/50 comments are telling you to choke a dick, or die, or calling you a talentless hipster hack. And we can't expect him to just develop a thick skin to that, its ridiculous.

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@spoogemcduck said:

I figure if I went in to work everyday and had to hear about all the complaints and hate directed towards me because people don't think I'm doing something right, then I'd probably say screw it and quit too.

Yup... there is a difference between receiving constructive criticism, and receiving caustic bile. I can't blame him for not wanting to do this anymore.

edit: fuck man, just look at the comments of the news on the polytron website.

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@darthb said:

I look forward to buying whatever shirt you replace this with. I only bought it to support Ryan's bride, with the shirt just being a bonus. Honestly, a better shirt honouring him would be appreciated, maybe with that olly moss drawing.

That'd be the best. I'd love that.

Yes... I cannot wear a Fuck, Ryan Davis shirt around. I can wear this shirt

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I don't have a webcam. Also I don't drink

Miss ya Ryan, and thank you to the entire giantbomb staff for all the joy they have brought me

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I've been following giantbomb since near the beginning. Even though I've never met him, I've felt like I've known Ryan for a long time now.

He was so ridiculously funny and heartwarming, and occasionally an asshole. I'll miss him dearly

Stay strong GB crew. Please

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This is insane... guys I don't want to be on the internet anymore :(

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If the port is good I will absolutely pick this up, despite owning it on the ps3.