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Facts! (just browsing through the features/ql/events area of the video archives)

2013 May:

22 QL/Encyclopedia Bombastica (and there is at least 1 more QL to come this month)

features: 10 free, 3 premium (2 of those are dota), +1 free "event"

2012 May:

26 QL

features: 11 free +1 free "event"

That is pretty close. On top of that, the dump truck is an awesome new feature that is also free.

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Hasn't the non-premium stuff been about on par with how its always been (since they started the premium model)?

Just because the premium:free ratio is not the same does not mean that they are doing less free content. It just means that they are doing more premium content.

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@legion_: All I can say is that these people have been playing RDR multiplayer for 3 years. I'm sure there were people who were into the other stuff to start, now they have settled on the pvp aspect.

If you played DayZ when it was first getting popular, you will have seen the player base evolve in a similar manner. Initially, there were definitely bandits, but people were generally willing to group up with strangers and have a good time. That still exists, but people have been burned so many times that most just shoot on sight as a preventative measure. I still go back to that mod sometimes, and its not that I am a psychopath, but I will shoot unsuspecting people all the time. Because that is what the meta has evolved to.

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@legion_ said:

@mentaldisruption said:

Eh, sounds like you walked into something that has well established rules and whatnot. PvP as someone else said above. Red Dead has been out for awhile now. I doubt anyone still playing the multiplayer is playing it to help random people.

That's fair. I never said anything about helping others. I'm just wondering why anyone would go about shooting everyone else, especially if a person does nothing to provoke. You barely get any XP for doing so, so there is literally no other award than killing other people. I find that scary.

So, you find it scary that people are playing the game to play the game, and not to get meta rewards like xp.


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@jacdg: Don't fear real matches. You will be matched with people just as bad as you are.

I am 160 games in and I still see people making rudimentary mistakes. What I am trying to say is, you have plenty of room to be awful before people start looking at you funny.

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@poprocksandsoda: A few bot matches is probably enough. The bots are fun and all, but they aren't going to teach you how to play for reals.

You will be matched with other people who haven't played against people, so don't sweat it too much.

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Dave no :(


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Borderlands 2 just put such a sour taste in my mouth

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I would have agree'd with him if he wasn't such a fucking twat about it.

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For me the statue was less "ew blatant boobs" and more "what the FUCK its a horrifically mutilated corpse why would anyone in their right mind want this."

But I guess that's the state of things