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Hi, don't know if anyone else noticed this but on your staff level up screen there is a slide bar that you can scroll down and see what other skills your staff memeber has Previously been employed for. You can then buy the change job role option from the travelling sales man and train your staff members upto level 5 in several areas. This puts there stats through the roof but will also make there wages pretty high too. But i think the results def outway the costs. 

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Love the Genesis!!
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Hey i'm ford873
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So does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumours for a sequel to this game? I thought it was awesome and would love it if there is a second game.
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There is def no achievement for difficulty, so casual is def the way to go!!
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I must be insane, i completed this game again straight after for my second profile. Loved it to bits, just hated the sheer amount of freeplay events.
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Guessing that you worked out they are car jump spots? Took me a while to work this out when i was playing the game to. lol

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Just about the most tedious of all the lego games, especially for the 100% completion. Having to play through the whole thing twice was torture. Plus it glitched on me and had to start over. Why can't they make a lego game that doesn't glitch? Plus i don't think they've ever heard of an update to cure them once they know about them.

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I think Lord Of The Rings would be a good one.

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That really is ridiculous, Just making gaming more expensive!