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The music as seen at the end of the QL, the church scene, the city bits, and the very end of the game are all awesome, and the low temperature containment and sluice gate sections deserve special mentions as well.

I didn't realize that I was suffering from graphical errors throughout my play through. I only watched videos after completing the game, and I think coloured fog was brightening the game for me. The piston room looked amazing and scared the shit out of me, because it was one of the few places that was very dark and lacked fog.

Check your drivers and settings if things look funny at all at the start of the game!

I had the same change from fear into grim determination 3/4 of the way through. I am certain that this was intentional.

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Missed you on the podcast, but I guess this can tide me over.

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Listening to the Gb XboxOne reveal, and the background music fits this gif so well.

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These are amazing. Keep it up, duder!

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I always enjoy reading his articles. It's very nice to see a staffer that isn't Vinny or Drew willing to try games they think they won't like and actually be open to enjoying them. As much as I love the rest of the crew, they are pretty calcified in their behaviours and attitude.

And what does Ryan do all day?

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Whatever choir is singing when you are walking through the Hall of Heroes.

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i'd love to hear 5 dudes wax poetic about Bioshock

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Girls just want to have fun on the beach was amazing.

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possession is your best pal. RPG duders are fucking tanks on 1999, but one possess and they'll suicide.

Make fucking sure you're prepared for the first handyman fight. I walked into it with a pistol and a sniper rifle.

Hope to god you find the invulnerable after skyrailing gear.

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playing on 1999, I had about 1.6k walking into that fight.

I walked out with zero ammo, no health, and 87 bucks to my name.

Eventually she stops respawning her minons, once you kill them enough times.

You get to fight her twice more, but she has a lot less hp in the next fights.