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Ì would like to say that .2 seconds before the server crashed, I placed 1st on that dirt track.

I think it was a 1 or a 7 in local.

I am quite displeased.

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@the_laughing_man: Especially if all the brainiest scientists went off and helped ideologues build flying/undersea cities instead of radar.

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you're thinking too hard.

Or: they have technology capable of shielding them from radar.

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@bonzopongo: Jesus Christ, duder. Talk about being a downer.

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I can't stand a game that doesn't take into account positioning. Unsuprisingly, the many permutations of the LMBS throught the Tales series has been a favourite, as well as Tactics Ogre and other TRPGS. Another system I thought was great was the Mega Man Battle Network battle system.

Golden Sun somehow got a pass, as does Pokemon. though. Hmm.

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If the article goes, that would be apology enough for me.

It doesn't excuse Gamewise's actions, though.

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@fredchuckdave: You might be interested to know they've rearranged pretty much the entire soundtrack in the latest update; no longer does the game "try and put you to sleep," as I believe you've said in the past.

And if GGG keeps up the ladder resets and has zany modifiers for some of its ladder challenges I can see people playing it for a long, long time.

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Sorry about the delay, the site crashed and then I decided to go running.

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Exactly as is it says on the tin.