Games I own, but haven't completed...yet.

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Posted by papadopus

Get on Ninja Gaiden Black dude, soooo deeep.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, we can offer advice in the comments? Allow me to itemize said advice:

  • Get on RE4, it's the point where the RE series becomes awesome.
  • Same for BioShock, only it's more awesome.
  • I wouldn't fault you if you ignored Fallout, but you should still play it.
  • GTA4's OK.
  • *ignores next one*
  • *can't figure out next one*
  • You should probably play C:VX (Resident Evil: Roman Numeral Edition) before 4, for best effects.
  • Skip FF12, it sucks.
  • Skip Modern Warfare 2, as the first one is better.