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@chu52: Sort of related to that one (Which is indeed great, yeah, sure the Pope & Emperor Otto II just made up Islam. Idiots), I came across someone relatively recently who believed that the Mongol invasion never happened, because it'd mess up with his Russian nationalism which was pretty creepy. Oh the Mongols were just Tatars, and obviously never subjected the Russian people. In fact lemme just quote Wikipedia here

"the so-called "Tartars and Mongols" were the actual ancestors of the modern Russians, living in a bilingual state with Turkic spoken as freely as Russian. So, Russia and Turkey once formed parts of the same empire. This ancient Russian state was governed by a double structure of civil and military authorities and the hordes were actually professional armies with a tradition of lifelong conscription (the recruitment being the so-called "blood tax"). The Mongol "invasions" were punitive operations against the regions of the empire that attempted tax evasion. Tamerlane was probably a Russian warlord."

Shit is bonkers

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IT GIVES ME HOPE! Maybe I can finally get more Beatles Rock Band DLC. I mean I won't. But I want it. God I want it.

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Oh god. Jeff, why did you do this? I'd get so fucking hype for a new Rock Band game. Even just thinking about it...Beatles Rockband was one of the games of the generation and the fact I never got to do more tracks from the White Album bums me the fuck out. It was such a stylish game, and it was a great intro to the series because The Beatles never played too fucking fast.

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That's a deeply unpleasant thing to do.

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If they haven't been mentioned yet check out Immortal. Their stuff isn't satanic, anti-religion or racist and instead it's more about evoking feelings of a mythic land based on Norway's isolated regions filled with war, demons and monsters. Think frozen mountains and fog filled woods being torn apart by a Balrog battling a dragon and you're on track.

They were mentioned in the OP, & about 3 times after that.

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95% of independent stuff is trash, so even though indie is not really a genre that's what I'd kill

Roll all that effort/time/money into the major companies so we get better big budget stuff I say

Oh yeah, all that money in indie gaming, it'll definitely be what makes the next COD game special. The reason indie gaming is indie and not big budget is because with a smaller budget you can take more risks because failure isn't the end of the world. This allows for more niche ideas to get made. It's not like say you could take the 5% of indie devs you've decided you don't think are trash, make them all get hired by Activision, Ubisoft, EA & so on and then they'll suddenly improve the next Battlefield game. It's more likely that they just don't bother making games.

Frankly I'll take the 95% of trash if it gives me the 5% of really interesting ideas that just aren't catered for elsewhere.

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  1. Strategy Games - Straight up, I'm not really very good at them. But I love strategy games. Turn-based like Civilisation, horrible grognardy stuff like War In The East, and Paradox style Grand Strategy games are my go to games these days.
  2. Sports management sims. I don't play much Football Manager anymore but that's purely because I spent too much time with it and it left me with no time for other things. So now I play Pro Cycling Manager instead.
  3. RPGs. Probably more western RPGs than your JRPGs, but I don't have the knee-jerk reaction against them that I once did.

Yeah, I'm a PC first gamer.

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@metalthrashingmatt: Oh man. I can't believe I forgot to mention Cobalt. Eater of Birds was such an important record for me when it came out in 2007. I really held it dear to me.

@hemmelight: The production is part of the atmosphere to some extent, and I think Under A Funeral Moon wouldn't be have quite the same ominous vibe if it was recorded in by say Devin Townsend, but it's also only a small part of the genre. Skip past Emperor's debut and listen to stuff from Prometheus or Anthems and the production is a lot less "made in a bedroom using a microphone made from an old tin can and some string". Nightside definitely had that Second Wave sound though. Hell, check out the last couple of Mayhem records, Ordo ad Chao or Esoteric Warfare and they don't sound anything like that either. It was just a reflection of the bands ability to record, they were young, not particularly flush with cash, self-financing a lot of these records and that's reflected in the sound. I think the bands who artificially recreated the sound are pretty fucking goofy (though some of it is also quite good).

Actually, on the topic of the traditional black metal production job, Seth Putnam from grindcore idiots Anal Cunt had a side project which he labelled as "acoustic black metal" called Impaled Northern Moonforest. It's quite a good pisstake of that style. He plays the drums on his knees. He's just hitting his legs. It's pretty funny, or I think it is anyway. Funnier than AxCx were by any stretch. They had some great song titles like Return of the Necrowizard (posted below!) and Grim And Frostbitten Gay Bar. They best is probably Lustfully Worshiping The Inverted Moongoat While Skiing Down The Inverted Necromountain Of Necrodeathmortem

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@humanity said:

@spraynardtatum: Wow I never knew Leigh Alexander was so negative about GB and so openly. I actually thought that despite her rather animated behaviour at that one E3 they still remained friends. I think she is a good writer, but her subject matter is very hyperbolic and one sided to the point where it's impossibly to enjoy or get anything meaningful out of it unless you think exactly like she does.

Its worth mentioning that Leigh's tweet came after days of people who claimed to and or did align with the GB community attacked her and several other women in the game writing business. Like it was GG levels of bad for some people. It got so bad that Jeff issued this letter from the editor.

Its also fair to mention that she is largely right if you look at writing about games as being about critical editorial or reporting. GB does a lot of stuff but hard hitting editorials ain't one of them (outside of the occasional Patrick piece here or there). Editorials from most other gaming sites are quite a bit more challenging/interesting than what GB does, but no where near as entertaining. GB's credibility is beyond reproach for the most part, but they don't really go out on an editorial limb all that often if at all (and when Patrick did he would get tons of shit for ruining the purity of the site or some such nonsense).

Yup. I mean anyone who actually saw the word, vindictive shit throw at Alexander last summer (like the daft reaction to the Gamers Are Over article who read the headline and threw a shitfit without actually reading the content) would totally understand that comment. I don't think she has "beef" so to speak with Giant Bomb editors, though I do think she was disappointed it took so long for them to come out and say something about some of the more toxic members of the GB community.

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@excast: Well, that and the fact that he's stated he's going to find a way to keep doing some video content.