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@amafi: No one's asking you to feel guilty. And if you're not part of that group, why would you feel like any of this is being "hurled your way?" You're just being asked to be aware and hopefully, try to do what you can to fix it.

Because when the vast majority of these articles are referencing "gamers," or even more specifically "white male gamers," as being shitty people who do nothing but threaten and harass women on the Internet, they are referencing that entire group. I'm a white male gamer, and I find the harassment going around unacceptable just like most other people. Personally, if these articles would more specifically reference the assholes doing the harassing, I wouldn't see an issue. But currently, it's just sweeping generalizations, which is odd and I think hypocritical because generalizations and stereotyping are tools of ignorance, and do nothing but put most of the readers in a corner.

No, they are not referencing the entire group. It is referencing a particular mindset. They don't literally mean people who play games and are young, white & have a penis & 2 testicles. This isn't complicated.

Ironically, you seem to just be looking to be offended. Which is funny.

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Unrelated but it looks like @jeff, @brad and @alex finally made the SJW list. Congrats, you guys.

Alex seems pretty chuffed with the company he is in going by Twitter! And rightly so.

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Do you really need to be told that when she writes "young white male" it's a generalisation OP?

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I don't go out of my way to skip them, but if the Premium Podcast feed updates before the regular Bombcast feed then I'll probably listen to that & pass on the ads. So sometimes is right.

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I'd listen because I'm always happy to hear/see the tears of Bears fans.

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Oh wow, BATRacer. I have Kooltools on my account, haven't used it in aaaaages. I'm in.

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I don't get the issue with Zoe Quinn. Why is the internet freaking out and obsessed with her? Specifically I don't see the issue with Ben Kuchera writing a story on Zoe Quinn while giving money to her on Petreon. This would be like I can write something praising or condemning how PBS works because I gave them $200 in the last pledge drive.

The only conflict of interest I can see is if GB or whoever is "subscribed" to someone's subscription service and has a show or article on subscription services and deliberate avoids or explicitly shows things they've subscribed in only a good way.

Its a good deal different because the money goes directly to the person. You are basically paying their bills for them. Its not difficult to see a conflict of interest here, don't you think their motivations might be in question?

What you're talking about is almost the opposite of a conflict of interest. If Quinn were paying Kuchera, THATwould be a conflict of interest. This is more along the lines of say, Vinny buying a game on Steam in order to do a quick look video.

This sums up my feelings far more succinctly than I managed. If anything, paying for a product means you expect more from it than getting it as a perk of the job free of charge. I don't see why being someones patron is anymore likely to bias your views on their work than being a personal friend. And I don't expect a film critic to tell me "I've met Wes Anderson several times, we've hung out & I really like him". If you trust Ben Kuchera as a games writer (or journalist if you want) then you trust he won't be biased because he's someones patron. If you don't trust Ben Kuchera then why do you read his articles except to get mad? I don't get it.

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I really don't think spending money on something prejudices a serious writers ability to write on that topic. So why would, what is in effect, pre-ordering something? Obviously if you are using Patreon you are a fan of someone's work, but I don't get why that level of support is all the different from buying Kojima's games because you like things that Kojima makes.

So no, I don't think it's massively important, I mean I don't need games writers to tell me who in the industry they like personally & who they dislike, because that level of disclosure would be silly & unwieldy. If it is someone I trust then I assume that person will be professional enough to disconnect their friendship while reviewing a game, and if it is someone I don't trust then I'm probably not reading their views in the first place.

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@brodehouse In saying "I want less white men" I think I am at the very least implying the statement "I want more everyone else." I'm not sure why saying the former is somehow more nefarious than saying the latter. I treat those statements as equivalent to each other and essentially interchangeable. By definition, less white men (as a percentage of video game protagonists) would mean more everyone else.

(sorry, I said that was my last post and I'll try to make this one the last, otherwise I'll carry this over into PM)

Do you not see where someone might grow nervous or uncomfortable by hearing that instead of you wanting X, Y, or even Z to appear in games, what you really want from games is less of one specific group?

We're talking about proportions here pal. Less white males when talking about proportions means keeping the same number of white males (OR EVEN MORE) but increasing the number of people who are not white males by making the atmosphere within the wider community of people who play videogames & then talk about games in some medium or other less hostile to those people. More open to women, to people of different races and religions, to those of different sexual orientations. Less use of pejoratives like bitch & the n-word & homophobic slurs, y'know?

The problem isn't "there's too many white men", it's "there's not enough people who aren't white men", it's "the proportion of white men to everybody else is wack". You can change that proportion without eradicating the white male. Obviously as a white male I would have issues my own eradication.

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You can't beat "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"