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Unless I win the lottery before Persona 5 comes out I imagine I'll play it on PS3 because I have little desire to buy a new console. For the money I have, it's not worth it. If money was less of an object then I'd probably get a PS4 & play it on there.

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I imagine it'll certainly feature a lot of Miles I'd imagine.

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Crusader Kings. Victoria. Haven't played the very first Europa Universalis though.

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I lost all interest in DOTA so I don't really watch the DOTA videos anymore. I also haven't watched as much Jar Time as a should be.

Jar time I never watch also. Dunno why. I probably should.

Jar Time is great. It's just Jeff answering questions we send him. I've learned a lot from that series, the only problem is the videos tend to be about 2 hours so it's hard to find the time to watch them.

I usually download them in the lowest quality form & bung them on my iPod to just listen to when I go out like a podcast. Same with the Q&As that Patrick does.

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Whoever makes Championship Manager is the worst.


No but really, you make your own story! IT IS THE BEST. (I may play too many sports management sims though)

Genuine question, not trolling, but what's the appeal? Every time I've seen someone play Champ manager, they seem to be looking at a spreadsheet of names and numbers and sometimes you see dots move around a field simulating a match. What is it in such sims that draw you in? I mean, they must make a ton of money because they've made so goddamn many of them.

You know, it's a really hard question to answer but I suppose every sports fan reckons they can do a better job than the coach. Because we're all obnoxious wanks. And games like Football Manager, Pro Cycling Manager, Out of the Park Baseball (which I own despite not knowing anything about baseball!) & others (I've got a NCAA football coaching game on the PC somewhere though I don't remember the name, & there's MMA promotion sims like WMMA) are very good at recreating the sport you watch. They aren't skilled games, they are the sort of games you can play at a sedate pace which I quite appreciate. But then like other turn based games they can really quickly into "just one more turn" games as well, and before you know it it's 4am & you have to get up in 2 hours so you may as well just stay awake & play a few more matches.

I haven't actually answered the question, but it's just so similar to following a sports team, but with the added bonus that the success in game is truly yours. Obviously not for everyone, but I've spent god only knows how many thousands of hours in the Championship Manager/Football Manager since I first got into them around 97 or 98.

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Whoever makes Championship Manager is the worst.


No but really, you make your own story! IT IS THE BEST. (I may play too many sports management sims though)

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And just to make it clear I mean songs, as in pieces of music with lyrics

You don't need lyrics to qualify as a song. I don't know, you've just worded this as if you feel like a song is incomplete without lyrics. Some of my favorite songs, or favorite parts of songs, have no lyrics.

Don't you? I think by definition, a song must be sung.

While I think by the dictionary definition of the word you are right, in everyday usage it's pretty common to refer to "the Godspeed You Black Emperor song" or "the Mogwai song", despite their compositions being largely instrumental.

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No. Right Said Fred did some real fucking catchy tunes

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I guess my point is I fall into the equality feminist group. I want my wife and daughter to be able to choose for themselves what is best for them rather than some cabal of women deciding what is best or is not best for them. If my wife wants to play Hitman Absolution that is her choice, not mine, not Anita’s, but hers. Let people create what they want, and if you do not like it, then let someone else enjoy it.

Yo dawg, I'm gonna need you to point out where Anita Sarkeesian says words to the effect of "Hitman Absolution should be banned". In fact let me go right ahead & directly quote Anita from one of her own videos, Women as Background Dressing: Part 1, "As always please keep in mind that it is entirely possible to be critical of some aspects of a piece of media while still finding other parts valuable or enjoyable."

Also "When someone like Anita Sarkeesian says she is a feminist, it is true, to a certain extent." is pretty misleading. Just because you happen to not like third wave feminism doesn't mean it is true "to a certain extent". It's true that Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist. Period. Case closed.

Otherwise, I essentially agree with Kierkegaard's critique of your interpretation of events. Especially regarding you confusing criticism (legitimate or not) with attempts at censorship.

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@amafi: No one's asking you to feel guilty. And if you're not part of that group, why would you feel like any of this is being "hurled your way?" You're just being asked to be aware and hopefully, try to do what you can to fix it.

Because when the vast majority of these articles are referencing "gamers," or even more specifically "white male gamers," as being shitty people who do nothing but threaten and harass women on the Internet, they are referencing that entire group. I'm a white male gamer, and I find the harassment going around unacceptable just like most other people. Personally, if these articles would more specifically reference the assholes doing the harassing, I wouldn't see an issue. But currently, it's just sweeping generalizations, which is odd and I think hypocritical because generalizations and stereotyping are tools of ignorance, and do nothing but put most of the readers in a corner.

No, they are not referencing the entire group. It is referencing a particular mindset. They don't literally mean people who play games and are young, white & have a penis & 2 testicles. This isn't complicated.

Ironically, you seem to just be looking to be offended. Which is funny.