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otacon650 on Steam

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Hey duders!

I am looking for some good split screen co-op games for xbox one and ps4, that me and my girlfriend can play. Currently thinking of buying Diablo 3 and LEGO Marvel, can you recommend any other. Keep in mind that they need to be split screen games, since we are going to be playing them on the couch next to each other.

Thanks :)

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Hey duders,

Been playing a fair amount of AI and i have noticed a lot of framerate problems with the xbox one version as well as controller input problems. The framerate drops numerous times, as eurogamer have already proven, but my biggest concern is how slow the game is at reacting to controller input specifically when you look around with the right stick. If i want to look at an object or just move around, their is a slight delay from when i move the right stick of the xbox one controller to the desired action happening on screen. If anyone remembers the first two Killzone games, it had a similar slow input feel but that was more of a design choice and AI feels more like a bug that needs fixing. Possibly due to the erratic fps drops? Has anyone else experienced the controller input lag? And am i wrong for thinking its a bug/problem, or is it a design choice from the developers?


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Great thanks! :)

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I'm looking for games that have non-linear storytelling, or reverse story telling that we see in movies like Fight Club and Memento. For some reason i can't seem to find any games that do this, perhaps the Max Payne games? If you have any suggestions for games that use this type of storytelling, please leave a comment :)

Thx! :)

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SuperGiant just responded to my e-mail, concerning framerate drops and fan problems. They are looking into fixing both issues. They did not say people should stop playing the game because of the fan problem. Hopefully they will fix this soon :)

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Yeah i have the exact same problem, fans go crazy when i use and Access Point or when i enter any form of menu. That's not right, so i emailed Supergiant about it. Let's hope they have an answer and possible solution for it :)

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Anyone experiencing framerate drops on ps4 when playing transistor? I have been getting some drops here and there, nothing to bad but it's definitely dropping in frames. Also, the fans on my ps4 get kinda crazy when i play Transistor for more then 20 minutes, and vent out a lot of heat.

Thx! :)

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I live in Denmark, and have a ping to West and North Europe at 60ms, but it increased for some reason to 80ms. Currently the game is unplayable, to much lag. Tried playing Plants Vs Zombies and had no problems with it, so i am guessing it's a Titanfall issue.

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Update: They are aware about the issue, my mistake should have spotted this earlier: