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I live in Denmark, and have a ping to West and North Europe at 60ms, but it increased for some reason to 80ms. Currently the game is unplayable, to much lag. Tried playing Plants Vs Zombies and had no problems with it, so i am guessing it's a Titanfall issue.

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Update: They are aware about the issue, my mistake should have spotted this earlier:

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No worries, just got confused about the response :P

Right now theres a 10 page long forum post on the official xbox forums with people from all over the world experiencing the exact same problem. Plus a bunch of unanswered topic post about the same problem. Just wanted to know if GB users had the same problem :)

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Try typing in XB1M13

In what way would that help me out?

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For some reason i am unable to sign into my Xbox Live account, i get the error "We could not sign you in code 0x8004883). Just checked the official xbox one support forums and apparently this is affecting others, particularly users in the UK.

Anyone else having these problems currently?


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Hey dudes!

i just got my ps4 and went into the sound and screen settings, to switch RGB to FULL instead of limited. All games are running in Full RGB but, when i play blu rays it displays the movies in limited RGB. Anyone know how to fix it or have a similar problem?

thx ! :)

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Hey dudes!

Can anyone suggets a game or more that are like Pivot for Android and iOS. Same in the sense that they increase difficulty and music according to the players skills?


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Hey duders!

I'v been wondering is there any way to actually restart or abort a mission in GTA 5, i'v been playing some of the street races in the game and it would be nice if you could restart those missions specifically.

Thx - have a good one!

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Having the exact same problem, currently running the game with DX11 turn on and framerate frequently drops below 30.

My setup:

GTX Titan 6gb

i7 -4770 3.5ghz

8gb ram

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Great thanks so much for answering, haven't been using PC's for gaming in a long while so had to be sure i wasn't doing anything wrong :)