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Does anyone know offhand if there's a way to delete your 0 point/0 achievement games off of your Giant Bomb gamertag?

Even after deleting them from my Xbox gamertag, they still show up as 0/1000 on this site, and it's ruining all of my sweet S-Ranks/overall stats for here :)

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@benjaebe said:

You know when you have to run a preordering guide that there's a problem. Also extremely jealous that the UK gets the Batman Beyond skin and we don't.

The Batman Beyond skin looks extremely dumb to me on the "buff" batman frame. The reason I personally always thought that costume was cool because it was sleek/streamlined (on scrawny Terry).

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Cher music in the toilet looking track...

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Okay, I'm pretty sure I watched the entire thing though earlier today when the QL was posted, but no biggie, I can always play through it again.
Thanks for getting back to me so quick.
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I'm not sure what part the issue is tied to, but for example:
One of the 4 LBP2 quests involves watching the LBP2 quick look. I've gone to the page/hit play a bunch of times, on both the Beta QL and the actual game QL, and nothing happened.
This seems to happen a lot though, where I'm at the page I need to be for part of a quest, and it seems like the site isn't picking that up. Is that a possibility?