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I doubt there are that many competitive trainer's in America.

I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how healthy the competitive pokemon culture is in America. Maybe not full scale competitions and events, but certainly consistently battling players who set up their own "leagues" and pay attention to the meta game and the deeper statistics and strategies.

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Each Pokemon has a different special charge attack, but some of them (like Pikachu) don't stop firing while they charge, instead doing a rapid fire attack. It should still fill your meter and then you have to lift your stylus off the screen and tap again to fire the super shot.

At least, that's what I have found.

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The game is fantastic, easily my favorite cooperative shooter since the first Left 4 Dead. What a lot of people seem to be missing is that the long skill tree and the elevated difficulty of completely a mission quietly make you feel like you are actually becoming a better criminal. Once you start hitting level 30-40, you start unlocking perks that make your class significantly more valuable to a team and hopefully at that point you know your way around a gun well enough in case the shit goes down.

I have been having an extremely good time with the game and the community has been largely very fun to play with. Missions like Ukranian Job really showcase how much better getting in and out can be that involving yourself in a shoot out, as you can complete the mission in thirty seconds if you have C4 and are quick on your feet, but if you miss the escape vehicle (which books it out of there the moment cops arrive) you will be playing for 3-4 extra (very enjoyable) minutes.

If anyone is interested in playing methodically and attempting to pull off quiet heists that don't all end in a bloodbath feel free to add me on steam, my ID is skingstrang.

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Origin ID is FormerAcorn
I have a region in US East 1, but I want to join a large (8-16) person region.

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Give it to me raw, Rydog.

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I'll be playing this and Skyrim on the Xbox 360, as long as there is nothing intrinsically debilitating.