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I know this isn't an image, but it is a piece of audio art that needs to be included with the rest of the stuff that came out of the extra life streams.

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Like a lot of the people on here, I moved over from Gamespot when all my favorite personalities for The Hotspot had moved on over here. I've been listening to the Bombcast ever since.

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So sorry about your lose Jeff. I don't remember you saying much about him over the years, but he seems to have helped mold the wonderful man we have today. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

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Congratulations Vinny and all the other Caravellas too!

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I'm not against the idea at all but I think he's said he just doesn't have the time to be on those podcast every week.

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I just want more Box Office Bomb.

I think one of the reasons they don't do them that often is because Alex and Matt just don't watch that many movies or shows like they did back in the Screened days. If they could somehow trick invite some guest to appear on there (like the other premium podcast do), they could probably have enough to talk about between them all to have a monthly podcast.

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This is absolutely terrible news. Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors, and was one of those unique talents that comes around once every few decades. He was always a joy to watch especially when he was giving interviews. It bums the hell out of my he is no longer with us. RIP and Na-Nu Na-Nu

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Hickory, North Carolina, USA

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I still consider this my favorite Quick Look of all time.

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Yeah, more content with Alex not being alone in a room! But like so many others, I'm a little scared of how this might effect the Bombcast and other features without you being there. I'm sure you guys have a plan and I can't wait to see what happens next. Best of luck on your move Vinny!