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Hickory, North Carolina, USA

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I still consider this my favorite Quick Look of all time.

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Yeah, more content with Alex not being alone in a room! But like so many others, I'm a little scared of how this might effect the Bombcast and other features without you being there. I'm sure you guys have a plan and I can't wait to see what happens next. Best of luck on your move Vinny!

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@monetarydread: Thanks for those suggestions. I'll keep all those in mind. Also, I'm not going till the beginning of March so hopefully everyone will be over their Presidents week headaches by then. I'll still be kind regardless.

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@bleshoo: Our flight actually stops in Vancouver and we're taking a shuttle to Whistler from there. Unfortunately, we won't be there long.

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Two weeks from today, I’ll be on a plane heading toward Whistler, BC Canada for a week long ski trip with my family and local ski club. This is going to be the first time any of us have ever been to Canada, including the guy who’s arranged this trip. Because of this, I’ve been feeling a little under prepared for what should be like any trip I’ve taken to the Rockies.

I was wondering if any of you Canadian duders, or anyone who’s visited the BC area, could chime in and give this uncultured American some suggestions or info to feel better prepared. Is there anything extra I should bring with me that I wouldn’t have if I were staying in country? Are there any delicious I should try out or anything I should bring back with me? If I happen to have a day to myself, is there anything or anywhere I should check out beyond the mountains given the chance?

I’m not looking for answers to all of these, but any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Such sad news, but I'm glad that GB reported on this so that the few of us who still appreciate FMV games could all show our gratitude to one of the true pioneers of the craft.

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I think we need to get some Sewer Shark on Giant Bomb at some stage this week.

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I believe half of the stadium lights will go out sometime during the 2nd quarter this year.

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You say it doesn't do him justice but it's far from being underwhelming. Great job guys! So glad you did that in his honor.