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Hamz said:
"Really i'm getting fed up with people over this. Quit looking at the score a game is given and read the damned reviews and make you're judgements and opinions from that, not from a score or rating."
Geez, flamed by a mod.
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So it seems, I might buy the European version. It's still set for the 5th. Steam version is still at the 6th, however. Apparently, they had some trouble with the CD keys.

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Delayed until September 15th.

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For all you complainers out there, try this. When you get to the boss, kill all stormtroopers as usual. Then, near the bottom left corner of the platform, there's an open ledge you can push him off of. Just use force push, and you won't have to deal with the QTE.

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I haven't heard anything on this years game. I tried asking on GS forums, but I only got a couple of "no clue" posts. I've heard, however, that they're going modern this time?

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The only thing I can think of, is maybe the electricity is causing a nerve reaction even though he's dead.

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It's going to replace Wendy's. Is it good? I hear good things about it.

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You know how when you're force gripping someone, they'll try shooting at you? Well I was toying with a stormtrooper with force grip, and was electrocuting him a lot. He died, but I was still force gripping him. Then all of the sudden, even though he was dead, he started shooting at me! I dropped him (not threw him) to make sure he was dead, and he was.

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Did you guys know that the ending with the AT ST won't be in the final game?

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Kung_Fu_Viking said:
"How do you control throwing things with grip accurately? I hold RT then move the sticks in the direction I want it to go but then when I release RT the objects usually fly off in the wrong direction =/"
Are you holding down the left stick in the direction you want it, and then releasing RT? IF so, I don't know what to tell you. Try playing the training mission a couple times.