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Price is highly dependent on the top level domain (.com, .net, .xxx). This is why the .xxx is pricier than the common ones (.com, etc.) and the seems to be exclusive to that country which is why its damn expensive. I used but i dont register that much domains.

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Obviously waiting for the intern to arrive! Looks damn good.

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Be sure to clear all the cookies as well as that what fixed mine.

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I actually thought having chat when the video content (quick looks, unfinished, etc) first come out is a great idea but i think the time it takes to set up chat will be a nightmare for the engineers.

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Archive would be missing a lot without SMITE and NewEgg. Would still be watching it for the interview.

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So this is what was going in between the Smite panel. Was wondering why some dudes were ranting in-between the awesome Newegg and SMITE videos. /s

The ending was too awesome and crashed Chrome. :(

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Noooooo! Dont retire the persona! Who will warn us of the threat of the bears, those godless killing machines! Id settle for having his persona be his side kick (I guess im in 4th stage?)

EDIT: And Colbert Report ends in 8 months?! T_T

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@fauxical said:

Also we have to thank Vinny for Windjammers becoming so popular since he brought it to the attention on of Jeff apparently.

Must have been when Vinny mentioned the game when they played Lethal League. Can't wait to see the archive!

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The hotdog suit is just begging to be worn by Patrick's Mii.

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Sad that they didnt get the person who does WB's boxart and plastered 10/10 reviews all over it.