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Is it Firewatch?

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I thought the point of Omega is that itll be broken and unbalanced but fun?

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Last year's highlight was everyone wondering if he actually got arrested so he couldnt do the list. Great times....

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Dan is the Vince McMahon of Giant Bomb.... or Russo.... im bad with analogies.

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Bought this game cause it said Chocobo and its my favorite mascot of the FF franchise. Fucking loved it cause i was a kid. I remember the game being really unbalanced. I always triple stacked the ultima that hits everyone and get a barrier every now and then. When i went back to the game for a second playthrough, my mind was blown on the really hidden characters and got to play as cactuar. I think i finished the game dozens of times and probably had a total playtime of more than 50 hours. If i play it again, im sure itll play terribly but i really had a great time with it.

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I just want one of them to pay Capcom to make a proper Mega Man game. T_T

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@rvone said:

Yes, this was in Patrick's article as well, but did you read the actual wording instead of the headline? He says "Yes, the deal has a duration. I didn't buy it. I don't own the franchise." What does that even mean?

In other stories we see the same narrative in which Microsoft keeps distinguishing between the current game and the franchise. Given the fact that they're being this opaque still means that it can go either way: (1) this game will make its way to PC eventually, or (2) the sequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider hasn't been secured by Microsoft yet (because the "don't own the franchise") meaning they just aren't in the position to make claims regarding that game.

And to the people pointing out Mass Effect, yes, Microsoft published that game but it took 5 years for it to appear on PS3 which was the result of EA buying BioWare instead of Microsoft wanting to publish it on PS3.

The deal is obviously with the game. If it was the franchise, the recent isometric game would be exclusive as well. As MS and Square are being vague as hell, we won't really know unless the deal has leaked/became null, has passed the duration or Sony did something insane. To add Nintendo published Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge and that came out to PS3/360 6 months later. That may be weirder being an update, but still...

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Why does this matter when they already admitted its timed exclusive?