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I guess he will be busy making Dota characters do double salutes. At least that will make the game better to look at.

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Still better than GH's support. (I dont have a PS4 to export my PS3 stuff so I dont really have much to say)

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1. Whats the "best value!"?

2. When will daily bonuses come in giving 1 silver every week?

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Proof that Destiny is literally bad for your health. They should put that on the box.

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I only played the DS version of Downhill Jam and thought it was okay as it controls fine but the stages are terrible so i can say that is better than THPS5. Speaking of handheld ports, Activision should have let Vicarious Vision made THPS5. All of their handheld version that i played are good.

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Its a nice article but for me, it didn't take long for the site to bounce back. After a few months, i remember the site content picking back up with Patrick having constant streams and the Bombing the AM being a good filler.

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Salute Simulator 2015. Need to take advantage of that current gen power.

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Can this be nominated for best moment 2015?

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All of the Kinect games and Wii shovelware/licensed games that are mostly "mini games".

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Reading the title, I thought this was a spin-off of Drake Tracker 3000 where you somehow collate Kojima's tweets and food and have in-app purchase of..... something... cardboard box???