Fortenium's Thoughts: Gyakuten Saiban 5

As a fan of the Ace Attorney series, I am anxiously awaiting an official announcement on Gyakuten Saiban 5. I know Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth has been released, but that game has a few problems that can't replace an actual entry in the series: for one, the game takes place before Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations. That leads me into my next point: What happens next? Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney left the players off on a few notes, including Phoenix Wright hinting he will try to take the bar exam again, the Gavinners breaking up, and former defense attorney Kristoph Gavin, who, at the end of the game, went insane. Beyond that, Thasalla Gramarye spilled the most incredible twist in the series: Trucy Wright and Apollo Justice are half siblings. She also went on saying she would tell them when the time was right. Well, when is the right time? What new things are in store for the next game? Lastly, some people really prefer the normal style of gameplay, not the "move-a-sprite-around-a-map" kind of game (not like that is a bad thing; in fact, I personally like that over traditional Ace Attorney goodness).  
Now onto the list I have of things that can be improved or kept for the long-awaited arrival of Gyakuten Saiban 5

  • The game needs to have the players think more. I breezed through Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney in less than two weeks. All other games took at least two or three, because the player had to think very critically. The game demanded the player to present evidence often, sometimes with only one chance. Plus, some trials trick players into presenting evidence in a "false" prompt (in other words: the player pressed the wrong statement, and does not realize there is no evidence to present). Apollo Justice made some things blatantly obvious for players, making court cases pretty easy when compared to the trilogy of Phoenix Wright games.
  • Perform a spell check on the game. Now, granted, Capcom did much better in this game than the first three when it comes to spelling and grammar. I found many errors in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All, and only a few in Apollo Justice. Being such a crazy nerd, it irks me to see "too" instead of "to", "half" instead of "have", and just randomly misspelled words.
  • Keep the localization script creative. In Apollo Justice, when the player examines a red siren light in the Gavinners' room, Trucy says, "It'd be even cooler if they turned on that red light." Apollo responds with, "...they don't have to turn on the red light." This was a very clever reference to the song "Roxanne" by The Police. I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that I found that in the game. I have no idea what the original Japanese text says, but I assume it was a reference to some Japanese song or band. Regardless, the localization team did a great job with pop culture references, but I think there should be a few more. Justice for All had references to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The A-Team, and the old Legend of Zelda animated show. Overall, I say put a bit more American pop culture into the game, but don't turn it into Family Guy where practically everything is a pop culture reference.
  • Bring back the jurist system. As seen at the end of Apollo Justice, the jurist system was being tested in the case by having the player view everything up to the point of the trial. That was a blast, and I loved the amount of work put into the interface and creativity put into the MASON system. Still, as mentioned above, make the game more difficult. Have players search madly for evidence and clues.
  • Show older characters. I think some people are curious about what happened to Miles Edgeworth, Detective Dick Gumshoe, Maya Fey, Larry Butz, Adrian Andrews, and other characters. The only characters who reappears in the main story (not in the MASON system, and excluding the nameless Judge) are Phoenix Wright and Ema Skye, and we all know what happened to poor Phoenix. 
I also need to give credit to Capcom for not chugging out another sequel like in Mega Man. I appreciate the fact the team is putting effort into making something new. 
Here is to hoping that Capcom does not let down the fans!

Fortenium Thinks: Project Needlemouse - A "Dream" Come True?

So today, possibly to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their last console ever, Sega announced the title Project Needlemouse, which is supposed to be a new Sonic the Hedgehog game reemphasizing speed and fun, not gimmicky objectives and dull gameplay. It seems as if Sega has finally gotten the message: The 3D games are awful (post-Sonic Adventure 2). They started to figure that out when they released Sonic Unleashed, which partially had 2D elements to which I give huge props, but had that god-awful “Werehog” gimmick built in the middle of that. Sega is trying to win us, the Sega fans, over again after those miserable excuses for good Sonic games.

Let me start this part by saying Sega made some strong, clear claims. This is a new thing for them.

The only tidbits we've gotten were in a video not showing any gameplay, and merely describing what the developers were going to do to the game. Here is the abridged version of the video: WE ARE (HOPEFULLY) DOING IT RIGHT, GUYS.

While I am on the subject, let's discuss the video. Well, first of all they're giving a giant hint right at the start about the game: playing the classic “SEGA” sound, heard in most original Sonic titles on the Genesis. Some familiar sounds (spins, rings, jumps) proceed when the logo fades, along with a blue ball zipping around the screen, giving another hint. Then we see some nice text, which makes their big claims to us, the fans. It sounds incredibly promising. Here we go: “SPEED RETURNS”. Those two words alone caught my attention. No, it is not because “speed” is a drug; it is because recent Sonic games have been slow and poorly beta tested, therefore producing glitches clearly seen by the player. Continuing the above words shown: “IN AN ALL NEW 2D ADVENTURE BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP”. They put HUGE emphasis on the phrase “2D”, hinting to us that Sega understands finally. The last part of that really made me intrigued. "Built from the ground up." So in other words, they're dropping the past engines and making a brand-new one instead. A silhouetted logo, hiding the name and character, pops up, too. They act like it's a big mystery. Did they really have to hide the CHARACTER? They are clearly not using like Metal Sonic or someone like that in this. Then it ends with two cleverly-used Rings to make the number “2010”.

Other than the cool video, there is also that lovely render of Green Hill Zone-esque architecture on the website. I love when developers slap one thing on a website and play with fans. It is almost akin to a riddle, but with little pictures and videos (Metal Gear Solid Rising and Peace Walker are examples of this).

Sega sure can talk the talk, as usual, but the question is if they can "walk the walk" (or "run the run" perhaps). If the developers mess up with this game, I give up on them. Let's hope they do it right this time....